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Blog Humans of Gardiner Haskins - Lynne

You may recognise Lynne as the Department Manager of our beds, curtains and blinds department located on the first floor of our Brunel Rooms showrooms.

June 12th, 2019 Humans of Gardiner Haskins - Lynne image
author image Kayla Wilson Senior Marketing Manager Marketing


Lynne Quick Facts:

  • Lynne has been with Gardiner Haskins since 2016 but she has over 35 years of experience with designing and making curtains.
  • What Lynne doesn’t know about making curtains and blinds isn’t worth knowing!
  • She’s a dab hand with a sewing kit.
  • She has three dogs at home, Marnie, Louis and Bella.
  • Her office has the best coffee and biscuits.

Early Career

Sewing is in Lynne’s blood as her Mum used to own a sewing business in South Bristol which specialised in curtain making and some tailoring. Lynne started working in the shop from the age of 16. Some of her fondest memories are of her Mum dishing out menacing looks to the gentlemen coming in and flirting with Lynne. Don’t mess with a Mum with a tape measure draped around her neck!


Lynne says her career has been “sales and sewing” with various jobs making curtains and working for big marketing companies. She started at Gardiner Haskins in 2016 as an Assistant Manager but was fast tracked to Department Manager and took on the Beds and Curtains department when the store moved to their new showrooms in 2018. Lynne describes Gardiner Haskins “like a family that’s not corporate and big”, she likes that the company is supportive of its staff.


lynne has three naughty dogs at home who love cuddles and toilet rolls

At home, Lynne has three dogs:


· Louis the Caverpoochon (not a typo!) who has a penchant for loo-rolls and unravelling them all over the garden.

· Bella the Caverchon who’s very cuddly who is glued to Lynne’s side at every opportunity.

· Marnie the Maltese who’s the old lady of the group and likes to play the role of grumpy matriarch.



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