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LED Illuminated Mirrors

HiB Novum illuminated Mirrors for a modern bathroom.

Find the mirror of the future at Gardiner Haskins Interiors

HiB mirrors are out-of-the-ordinary, ultra-modern and look to the future! They feature a number of elements you wouldn’t normally find in a flat mirror. See below for yourself…

HiB illuminated circular mirror and mini magnifying mirror.

LED Ambience

Most of the HiB mirrors have two light settings; a cool blue and a warm yellow. The yellow is soft and perfect for relaxing you after a long hard day. On the other hand, the bright blue will wake you up in the morning and is perfect for illuminating your face to do your makeup.

Sensor Switch

The HiB LED mirror lighting can be controlled with an on/off switch, operated by touch. However, some mirrors go a step further. At the wave of a hand, you can produce ambient light in your bathroom, for a truly luxurious space.

HiB illuminated oval mirror

USB Charging

You will find that most electric toothbrush manufacturers are changing to USB charging cables to charge their toothbrushes. This is because less homes have the ‘Shaver’s Only’ bathroom socket, making it harder for people to charge their toothbrushes etc. This is why you will find USB charging sockets in most of the mirrors and cabinet mirrors they supply.

Heated Pad

Everyone knows how annoying steamy bathroom mirrors are. The steam makes them streaky and dirty. However, standard mirrors are now a thing of the past. HiB mirrors have heated pads installed inside them so that your mirrors will never be steamy. See your reflection clearly before and after a long, hot shower.

Bluetooth Connection and Speakers

Like to sing in the shower or have ambient music playing for soaking in the bath? This feature is for you. It’s not that sensible to bring electrical items into the bathroom while it is steamy and damp but with the HiB in-built Bluetooth speakers you can play music safely in your bathroom while you soak.

HiB illuminated mirror. It can change light setting at the touch of a button.

Discover the vast range of different HiB Illuminated Smart Mirrors at Gardiner Haskins today. Contact us with the information below or come and visit our showroom.

To book your free bathroom design consultation call us on
0117 9340874, or email us

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