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Lighting Buying Guide

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Lighting can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for a relaxing bathroom.  There are many types of lighting suitable for a bathroom, including wall mounted, spot lights and downlights.

Top Tips:

  • You will need to choose lighting that is specifically designed for bathroom use, and consult an electrician when planning to make sure you follow regulations if you want to move/add light fixtures.
  • Most bathroom lighting is fitted, so once installed can’t be easily moved.
  •   Make sure you are happy with the places you’ve picked for you lighting before installation starts.
  • There are areas in a bathroom you may wish to consider additional lighting. For example, around a basin    or a mirror, as these are places you will use for shaving, applying make-up etc.
  • You can also purchase wall mounted mirror cabinets that have an integrated light.

Safety First

  • Lighting in the bathroom is important. Regulations are very strict as to which lights you are able to use in a bathroom and to complicate matters, bathrooms have different zones, which determine what type of light you may use. Light fittings that are used in a bathroom are IP rated. Always check with a qualified electrician prior to installation.