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Buyers Guide Why get your curtains professionally measured

Get it right first time and get our expert to measure for your new curtains

May 22nd, 2019 Why get your curtains professionally measured image

Measuring your windows for curtains is something you want to get correct from the start so you can get new curtains with the perfect fit. This is even more important if you’re choosing made to measure curtains as it’s a great opportunity to get them custom made to fit exactly and not being limited by available sizes out of a package. We recommend that our customers use our curtain fitting expert to come out and measure the space before beginning the planning and design phase, so we’ve put together a few reasons why it is so important to get your curtains professionally measured.

Readymade vs Custom made

We’ve written a lot about the difference between readymade curtains and custom made curtains for the flexibility it gives you with sizes and curtain drop rather than being restricted to the standard sizes available for readymade curtains.



Custom made

Less expensive

Will cost more

No wait time                                        

You will have to wait longer to get them made

Lower quality

Higher quality fabrics and making

Mass produced

Bespoke product just for you

Less versatile choice

Versatile choice of fabrics and designs

Measuring your curtains

So, you know that you would like custom curtains because of the huge fabric choices, you’ve found the perfect pattern to match the room, you want something which is unique to you and not out of a package and you want an expert curtain team to design, make and fit them for you. To help our experts get your new curtains exactly right it’s worth having them expertly measured. Our curtain fitter will come to your home, measure up the space to help our team design your curtains and guarantee that they will fit 100%.

You can visit our Bristol showroom to speak to our experts or call 0117 9292288 to arrange an appointment. Please note that this home measure service is only available in Bristol at the moment.

We are proud to be an independent retailer in Bristol who will Measure, Design, Make and Fit your custom made curtains so we can offer you the very best advice and experience.


Check out this video where our curtain expert, Lynne, highlights some of the features which make custom made curtains an exceptional choice when designing your home. It’s the small details which make a big difference for the end result. The curtains that Lynne is talking about are on show in our Bristol showroom.

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