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Curtain Tracks and Poles

For every curtain you need a pole or a track. We will help you choose the one you need to create your desired vision.

With every curtain, we have the track or pole to match

We can custom order curtain poles and tracks from leading brands such as Silent Gliss, Swish, Integra and Speedy. We can order tracks and poles in modern and traditional metal finishes, wood finishes and poles for bay windows plus a full range of tracks and accessories. Please note that we do not have tracks and poles on display but we can order them from our suppliers.

Curtain Tracks from Silent Gliss Provided by Gardiner Haskins Interiors.Curtain Tracks

We can provide solutions for all types of uncorded and corded requirements in a variety of lengths from famous brands, including Speedy, Integra, Swish, Harrison Drapes and Silent Gliss.


They can be plain or glitzy, in a range of sizes. Bay window poles are also available.


Accessories your curtains with Speedy Holdbacks.Accessories

We can supply a full range of linings, headers, coloured cotton, plus cording, upholstery trims, tie-backs and hooks for your made-to-measure project.





Silent Gliss are at the forefront of blind technology.

Silent Gliss – Silent Gliss is the Rolls Royce of tracks and poles. They have provided outstanding Swiss engineering since 1952. Silent Gliss are at the forefront of technology and their tracks are near to silent. They have invented electronic, motorised window systems, allowing manual, timed or light sensors to open and close the curtains or blinds for comfort and security. We provide the biggest Silent Gliss selection in the South West.

Swish, Integra and Harrison Drapes all fall under the umbrella of Sunflex. With over 40 years of experience in supplying an extensive selection of window poles, tracks and window fashion, they are experts in their field. They also fit all budgets.

Speedy – Speedy has been a family business for 40 years. They have a global understanding of trends and demands and have created the best products in function and elegance.

To find out more information call us on
0117 9340877, or email us

Explore our fabric brands to match up your pole or track.

Come and browse our fabric brands. We have a huge variety to choose from to make your made-to-measure curtains and blinds.

Our Fabric Brands

Choose a fabric to match your pole or track and create the custom-made curtain vision you have always dreamed of…More

How to buy made-to-measure curtains.

How to Buy Curtains

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