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How to Buy Blinds

How to buy window blinds.

Choose blinds for a modern feel and practical option.

Blinds are a practical option as well as stylish. They are suitable for busy rooms because they keep neatly out the way. There is also no need for poles, they just need to be fitted above the window. You can use them to adjust light and privacy easily. Blinds are suitable for kitchens and bathroom because they are not affected by water and moisture as much as curtains. They are easy to clean and there is a vast choice of types to choose from, as well as colours and effects.


There are multiple styles of blinds to choose from, browse the options below to decide on your ultimate style.

Roller blinds from Silent Gliss at Gardiner Haskins.Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a single sheet of stiffened fabric, operated with a cord or string and go up or down. They range in colours and thickness and are perfect for children’s rooms because they are easy to operate.

Venetian blinds from Silent Gliss at Gardiner Haskins.Venetian blinds

The classic wood or metal horizontal slats that can be tilted up or down as well as raised. They vary in width and thickness.

Roman blinds from Silent Gliss at Gardiner Haskins.Roman blinds

These are a single piece of fabric that sits flat against the window. When it’s is raised, operated by a cord, it forms soft pleats. You can get plain, pattered, sheer or blackout Roman blinds.

Vertical blinds from Silent Gliss at Gardiner Haskins.

Vertical blinds

Strips of fabric that can be tilted side to side with a pole and opened and closed with a chain or string. These need to be fitted precisely to the window. Choose from a massive range of colours.

Shutters at Gardiner Haskins.Shutters

These hard window covers are usually made from wood and offer a distinctive traditional look and feel. Shutters look excellent on large windows and are perfect for a blackout effect.

How to measure

For blinds, you will need a much closer measurement than for curtains.

  • For width, measure from the inside of the window recess
  • Reduce the width by 1cm for Venetian, Roman and Roller blinds for a smooth extension
  • For the length, measure from the top of the recess (where you want the fitting to start) to the windowsill
  • For windows without window sills, add an extra 10cm to the length

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