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Buyers Guide How to Buy Bedding

Boggled about bedding? Read on to find the best fit for you.

March 21st, 2019 How to Buy Bedding image

Everything you need to know about buying bedding

Getting bed linen right saves time and energy as it also helps you achieve a better night’s sleep. Here are some things to think about before buying bedding.

Think about size

Know your duvet size! This will save time on returning the linen.

  • Duvet size – 135cm x 200cm/ 53” x 79” – Linen size: Single
  • Duvet size – 200cm x 200cm/ 79” x 79” – Linen size: Double
  • Duvet size – 225cm x 220cm/ 89” x 87” – Linen size: King-size
  • Duvet size – 260cm x 220cm/ 102” x 87” – Linen size: Super King-size


For your bedding, make sure you check the material label to ensure you get the quality product you want. As a cheaper option, you can go for synthetic sheets. These can often be soft to touch.

Alternatively, go for the ultimate luxury feel. 200 or 400 count Egyptian cotton feels smooth, crispy fresh. Egyptian cotton bed sheets will add that hotel chic to your bedroom. They will also allow your skin to breath while you sleep.

If you suffer from allergies, non-allergenic sheets are defiantly the best option. 

Emma Shipley Bedding by Clark & CLark

Flat or fitted sheets

Decide if you need flat or fitted sheets. Use fitted sheets to fit over the top of the mattress, the fitted elasticated corners prevent the sheet from coming off, instead, it stays fixed. A flat sheet is not the best option for this. Instead, use them to make your duvet thicker if your house is cold.


For pillow cases, make sure you have enough for your requirements, in double duvet sets they usually provide two pillowcases. If you sleep with four pillows you will need to find complimentary coloured pillowcases to go with the set. Make sure you have the correct sized pillowcases for your pillows.


If you get cold, if your house is cold or if it’s a cold Winter add a throw to make your bed super snuggly.

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