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Buyers Guide Custom Curtains - Handmade vs Factory Made

When choosing your custom made curtains there's a difference between having them made at a factory or handmade. We've outlined a few key differences.

June 13th, 2019 Custom Curtains - Handmade vs Factory Made image
author image Kayla Wilson Senior Marketing Manager Marketing
Differences between handmade and factory made custom curtains
Handmade Custom Curtains Factory Made Custom Curtains
Hand stitched usually by an independent curtain maker Produced in a factory in an assembly line style
More human involvement means there's attention to detail This is the cheaper option for curtain makers
It takes a little longer to have your curtains handmade This is the quicker option for having your curtains made
At Gardiner Haskins our custom made curtains are weighted to ensure they fall perfectly Lower quality stitching
Thoroughly stitched Usually the option chosen by larger companies 

Custom Handmade Curtains at Gardiner Haskins in Bristol

At Gardiner Haskins we always prefer to have our custom curtains handmade by a team of local, independent curtain makers who we have worked with for many years. We had found them to be incredibly reliable, thorough and they produce excellent hand sewn curtains. We know that it's worth waiting a little bit longer to have your curtains sewn with attention to detail that comes from working with these curtain makers. 

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