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Dormeo Octaspring 6500 Memory Foam Mattress

Key Features:

  • 2 layers of breathable Octaspring
  • Friendly Ecofresh anti-allergenic protection
  • Breathable Ecocell foam
  • No flip, just rotate design

Sink into 2 layers of breathable Octaspring memory foam springs arranged into 3 comfort zones.

Experience remarkable ventilation with the unique Dormeo Octaspring® 6500 mattress that will keep you cool and fresh all night long, whilst delivering outstanding comfort and cradling memory foam to support your body. You will get comfortable quicker, fall asleep faster, spend more time in deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. That’s what sleeping on the next generation mattress means. That’s the difference Octaspring® makes.

The Octaspring® 6500 is made from two layers of the unique Octaspring® foam springs and has a medium firm feel. Sink into a layer of breathable Octaspring® memory foam springs arranged in 3 comfort zones. Including, softer memory foam for your head, shoulders and legs and firmer springs for the hips. This is topped with a deep layer of luxurious memory foam ensuring you enjoy deep muscle relaxation and truly rejuvenating sleep. All this rests on a layer of medium firm Octaspring® springs for cushioning support that evenly distributes your body weight and ensures perfect spine alignment.

Superstretch cover

The Octaspring mattress cover is made from award-winning Superstretch™ fabric, that can stretch up to 50% more in each direction than traditional fabric, giving you additional comfort and bringing out the softness and sensation of Octaspring memory foam springs. The top part of the cover is completely removable and washable without removing the entire cover, so you can always easily keep your mattress cover fresh. If you need to move your mattress, use the built-in "invisible" handles, that can be discreetly hidden underneath the mattress.

Enjoy the next generation environmentally friendly Ecofresh anti-allergenic protection. It’s made from natural probiotic ingredients, that helps protect your mattress from allergens, dust mites and bacteria in a new and natural way.

The Octaspring® difference

Octaspring is a truly ground-breaking sleep technology. Patented memory foam springs make the mattress 8x more breathable than traditional memory foam.

Traditional memory foam mattresses cradle the body for great support however they are also known to be hot and humid. Without adequate ventilation, the sleep surface gets hot, causing you to perspire and your sleep to be disturbed.

Octaspring® has been proven to be 8 x more breathable than traditional memory foam mattresses. The unique Octaspring® ventilation system provides a constant airflow. Your body movements push warm humid air out of the specially designed sides of the mattress, drawing fresh air back in, it’s like the Octaspring® breathes by itself. This provides a fresh healthy sleeping surface night after night giving the whole mattress that ‘clean sheets’ feeling.

8/10 people prefer the feel

Comfort is not just about how soft or firm a mattress is, but about how the mattress structure supports your body, ensuring proper spine alignment and support for your back throughout the night. Independent tests have shown that eight out of ten people preferred the feel of Octaspring® to their own bed.

Made from Octaspring® memory foam springs, the Octaspring® mattress performs like no other, cradling your body in complete comfort. Each individual Octaspring® spring dynamically conforms to the contours and movements of the body in all sleeping positions. Octaspring® springs function independently, offering customized support and immediate responsiveness.

The memory foam springs of different firmnesses are arranged into zones to provide unmatched levels of support, flexibility and comfort across your entire body for healthy, restful sleep. This incredible 'memory foam spring' technology cannot be found in any other mattress!


  • Supportive memory foam layer: Visco-elastic is a pressure relieving material that moulds to your unique body shape for blissful comfort. It remembers its shape, returning to its original form night after night.
  • Breathable Ecocell foam: Unique, next generation foam designed to be permanently elastic with a 3-dimensional cellular structure, providing efficient air circulation and support where you need it.
  • Breathable Octaspring® technology: Innovative memory foam springs are proven to be eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam, they move three-dimensionally delivering supreme comfort and support.
  • Superstretch™ cover: Award-winning Superstretch™ fabric can stretch up to 50% more than traditional fabric for a softer sensation. Removeable and washable.
  • 8 x more breathable: The unique ventilation of Octasprings is more breathable than pure memory foam, the constant airflow always keeps the mattress cool.
  • 2 layers of Octasprings: Experience remarkable ventilation and cradling comfort with 2 layers of breathable Octaspring® springs.
  • Octaspring, Memory & Ecocell foam: Three next generation sleep technologies in one mattress. Each layer's unique properties combine to create a feature-full mattress.
  • Ecofresh treatment: Environmentally friendly Ecofresh protection made from natural probiotic ingredients protects your mattress from allergens, dust mites and bacteria naturally.
  • No flip, just rotate design: Only requires rotation as per instructions. No flipping necessary.
  • Truly body zoned: 3 body zones: 3 zones of different strength and density Octasprings offers specific support to your head, shoulders, torso and legs.
  • Invisible handles: For easy rotation of your mattress, use the "invisible" handles, which can be tucked back away under the mattress after use.
  • No transfer of movement: Rest undisturbed. Memory foam greatly reduces motion transfer, so you won’t feel the other person in bed getting up or moving around.

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  • Total Depth: 22cm
  • Comfort: Medium/Firm
  • Octaspring Layers: 2
  • Body Zones: 3
  • Memory Foam Depth: 14cm
  • Springs: 6500

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