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Facts About Gardiner Haskins Cirencester

author image Kayla Wilson
Facts About Gardiner Haskins Cirencester image Facts About Gardiner Haskins Cirencester image
March 12th, 2020

We've got a history in Cirencester stretching back to 1979 and have amassed some interesting facts along the way

With over 40 years of being an independent homecentre in Cirencester we've got quite a bit of history under our belt. In fact, the Gardiner brand first began in 1825, you can read more about our history over on our dedicated history blog

2019 was an exciting year for us celebrating our 40th anniversary with lots of fun filled, family events in store. We've been busy fundraising for our charity of the year in 2019 which was Maggie's of Cheltenham, we raised £4,000 for them and our 2020 charity is The Churn Project in Cirencester. With such a fantastic year under our belt we've been reflecting on some of our successes and interesting facts about the business which we wanted to share here. 


  • Our appliance department is made up of an expert team who have been with us for many years between them. The Department Manager, Tim, has been at Gardiner Haskins for nearly 35 years and the Assistant Manager, Mark, for 20 years. Appliance Sales Assistant, Shirley, has been here for almost 20 years. That's a lot of experience in just one of our teams! 

Have you got an interesting fact, anecdote or piece of Gardiner Haskins Cirencester history that you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you! Email them over to


fun gardiner haskins cirencester facts

  • Our eco friendly range has become incredibly popular as more people dedicate themselves to recycling more and throwing out less. 
  • One of our most popular eco friendly products has been reusable coffee cups. Locally in Cirencester you can get discount on coffee if you use a reusable cup. We have more on reusable coffee cups and saving money here.


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