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Radiators Buying Guide

Galvanised Radiators

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Most homes in the UK use some type of central heating to heat their homes. Radiators are a popular choice for heating in the winter but did you know they are not just functional heating products in your home anymore. Radiators can be a design feature statement in their own right. When they are not in use in the colder months, radiators still need to look great in our rooms and not become an eyesore. Not forgetting bathroom towel rails function as a place to keep towels warm, nevertheless, they too can look designer if you wish! These days, they come in all sorts of interesting colours, materials and shapes. Who knew you could get excited about radiators!

Here at Gardiner Haskins we have a wide choice of radiators either in store or to order for every room in your home including:

  • Contemporary designs
  • Sectional Aluminium
  • Traditional Cast Iron
  • Classic Multi Column
  • Bathroom Towel Rails

Whether you wish to update all of your radiators in the home or would like to add that design statement giving your room the wow factor there are so many to choose from. Firstly, think about the room or rooms you are heating. How many radiators you may need depends upon a number of factors including the size of the room, single or double glazing windows and the type of boiler you have to heat the required number of radiators linked to it.  Insulation, external walls are other factors to consider as well as cost. A living room for example, may require more than one radiator. If you are unsure, come into our store and speak to one of our bathroom and heating specialists and they can guide you.

Contemporary Design

Use your imagination and think outside the box. These designs really will give your home the wow factor if you are looking for something special that stands out. Contemporary and stylish whilst still distributing warmth evenly this radiator pictured has optional LED lighting. Choose contemporary radiators with a variety of finishes and colours to suit your style.




Traditional Cast Iron

One of the ongoing trends happening is restoration of older buildings and so traditional cast iron radiators are popular. That said, their popularity is also seeping into other homes for people who crave style and tradition even in a contemporary setting.  Each section of a traditional cast iron radiator is built from a mould cast in a foundry and these sections are then joined together to form a larger radiator. They come in a wide range of finishes, including an untreated polished state.




Classic Multi Column

Beautiful looking radiators and classically designed. These radiators come in a combination of multi columns depending on your size requirements, made to order. These classic steel multi column radiators offer a high heat output too.






Sectional Aluminium

Our sectional aluminium radiators come in lots of different combinations of sections, widths and lengths too. Aluminium radiators are becoming more popular thanks to their quick heat up time, low water content and streamlined finish. A choice of finishes also available.






Bathroom Towel Rails

Radiator Bathroom towel railTowel rails with style not just for functionality. There are so many designs and sizes with different materials to choose from to suit your bathroom decor. You can have functionality and designer style with these towel rails to fit any bathroom whether it’s a small or large bathroom.