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Best and Worst Breakfasts to eat in bed

author image Lucy Phillips Digital Marketing Officer
Best and Worst Breakfasts to eat in bed image Best and Worst Breakfasts to eat in bed image
October 8th, 2019

There are some days where you just want to hibernate in bed and binge-watch seasons upon seasons of Netflix programs. This normally involves staying in bed to eat too. Breakfast in bed often sounds romantic and lovely but actually, one slumped pillow or an uneven balance normally leads to your breakfast being painted across your sheets. 

Your lazy day of being in bed all day is now no more and you’re spending the day washing, drying and trying to reassemble your bedding. 

To help avoid this, we’ve compiled a mix of which breakfasts you should and shouldn’t eat in bed. 


Worst breakfasts to eat in bed 


Boiled Eggs and Soldiers (Toast) -  Although it sounds delicious dipping your toast into your almost perfectly boiled eggs while watching your favourite episode of your most-loved boxset, in reality, it’s really not. The slightest unbalance of your plate will lead to tiny fragments of eggshell on your sheets, not to mention the toast crumbs scratching your legs. It’s a complete no go. 


Pancakes with Syrup - Don’t even think about pouring that beautiful, gooey goodness over your pancakes. Speaking as someone who’s made this mistake many times, syrup in bed is definitely not a good idea. It takes only seconds for the sticky liquid to have fallen onto your chin, then the pillow it's being balanced on and oh look it’s now all over the bed!


Toast - This is probably one of the worst breakfasts you could eat in bed. Plate or no plate you’re guaranteed millions of tiny crumbs in within your sheets. There’s also no amount of trying to clean the crumbs off with your hand that will actually get them off. Once they're on they are on.  


Full English Breakfast - I’m not denying that a full English Breakfast is one the best breakfasts to have, just not in bed. Trying to cut your bacon while also trying not to spill your beans will only end in half of the plate being flopped onto the duvet. So it's best to eat at the table.


Pastries - Although most pastries aren't that crumbly, they are extremely flakey and sticky.  Unless you have plans of changing your duvet, this mix doesn't go with well with bedding so we advise its best to eat them outside of your bed. Otherwise, you'll wake up from sleeping to find out you didn't in fact leave a facemask on but rolled in your croissant sheddings. 


Acceptable Breakfasts to eat in bed  


Cereal - I know this requires using milk, a liquid, but having cereal in bed isn’t that bad as using a bowl which is considerably deep will help to avoid spilling onto the bed. 


Porridge - Porridge is another breakfast which would be ok to eat in bed, as long as it’s in a bowl. Eating it in a bowl will reduce your chances of spilling and therefore having to strip your sheets so you can resume your lazy day. 


Fruit - Bananas, berries in a bowl, apples, oranges and more! Fruit in bed is normally a safe bet as not many types of fruit are liquified so the chances of fruit spilling in bed is often a case of picking it up and following the three-second rule.  


Crumpets - Yes the squishy, springy rounds are great for eating in bed and they’re not crumbly. However no matter what topping, be careful with the amount you spread on top. Talking on behalf of myself, as someone who puts tonnes and tonnes of butter on my crumpets, this can sometimes lead to butter pouring all down my chin and clothes after one bite. Just a prewarning.

Top Tip - Investing in a folding bed tray will help to give you a bit more balance when eating so you can (attempt) to have the best of both worlds. 

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