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Duvet Togs Explained

author image Karley Coles Senior Marketing Officer
Duvet Togs Explained image Duvet Togs Explained image
February 5th, 2020

If you're confused about what tog of duvet you need, or what a tog even is, you will find all the information you need here to get the most comfortable night's sleep.

Being the correct temperature is really important for getting a good night’s sleep. Ideally your bedroom should be between 16-18°C. 

Duvets come with their own rating system to give you a guide on how warm they will be to aid you in achieving the perfect temperature. This is called a duvet tog.

Top tip: You can’t always tell how warm a duvet will be by feeling the thickness of the duvet itself. This is because feather filled duvets are more effective at providing warmth so don’t need as many feathers. Therefore, they will feel thinner than the synthetic equivalent but will provide an equal warmth.

4.5 Tog Duvets

4.5 tog is the lowest tog stocked in our Cirencester store. This tog of duvet is suited for warm summer months. Children are also better suited to using lower tog duvets while they are young and layering up if necessary.


10.5 Tog Duvets

10.5 tog duvets are the best for Spring and Autumn months where it is colder than Summer but not freezing. Some people also use 10.5 tog duvets through the Winter but with additional blankets for easy layering.


13.5 Tog Duvets

13.5 tog duvets are simply the best for cold Winter nights. Nothing beats snuggling down into a warm duvet.


13.5 Tog Four Season Duvets

Four Seasons duvets are great if you don’t want to buy 3 different duvets for the separate seasons. They usually comprise of a 4.5 tog duvet and a 9 tog duvet which can be used individually as required in Summer, Autumn and Spring. However, they can also be attached together, usually with poppers, to make one 13.5 tog equivalent duvet suitable for Winter.

Did you know?: You can now buy duvets that do not require an extra cover. The Night Owl Duvet range from the Fine Bedding Company are easy to wash and dry within 90 minutes meaning they can be used as they are and washed when required.

If you’d like more advice on which duvets are most suited for your needs come and see our friendly staff in our Cirencester store.


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