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Bathroom Heating Buying Guide

author image Kayla Wilson
Bathroom Heating Buying Guide image Bathroom Heating Buying Guide image
March 21st, 2019

What type of bathroom heating is right for you?

No matter how small your bathroom is, you will need some form of bathroom heating, whether this is in the form of a traditional radiator, a towel rail or underfloor heating.

Underfloor Heating: This is ideal for cold materials such as stone or tiles. These types of materials conduct heat quickly and release it slowly, so this is an excellent form of heating. It’s so toastie on your toes on a cold Winter’s morning.

Radiators: If you don’t already have a radiator in your bathroom, this can be run off the existing heating system. This means it is the easiest option to install. These are better for larger bathrooms where there is room for one or underfloor heating may not be an option.

Heated Towel Rails: If you have a tiny bathroom, a heated towel rail is the perfect space-saving solution. Heated rails will supply enough heat for a small bathroom and allow you more space rather than a larger traditional radiator. They are usually thiner and taller and therefore space-saving. There are different finishes available, meaning you can tailor the look to your bathroom.

When you come and visit the showroom be sure to give lots of detail about your bathroom so our bathroom experts can accommodate the best option for you. Read more about the bathroom planning process here, so you can be prepared.


Need more advice and expertise on your bathroom designs? Visit our Bristol Bathroom Showroom where our experts can help you create your new bespoke bathroom with our Planning & Design Service 

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