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When Should I Buy a New Mattress?

When Should I Buy a New Mattress? image When Should I Buy a New Mattress? image
March 30th, 2022

Does your mattress disturb your sleep? It might be time for a new one!

If you’re asking the question, “When Should I Buy a New Mattress?” then you probably have a good idea already that it’s nearly time to replace it. In truth, there are multiple contributing factors when trying to figure out when to buy a new mattress, including the type of mattress, the quality and how well you look after it. So, we’ve put together this handy guide to try and help you decern when it’s the magic moment to ditch that old, worn out mattress and get a brand new one.

Different types of mattress

There are a variety of different types of mattresses and they all vary in lifespan. Find your mattress below…


Spring coils help distribute your weight evenly across the mattress and usually last up to 8-10 years maximum, therefore they are a stable choice for most people. However, depending on the quality of the product, this number could vary considerably. So, it’s up to you to notice the tell-tale signs and decide when it’s time to trade it in.

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress, in its nature, has fewer components that could potentially wear out, therefore they usually last longer. Memory foam mattresses also last longer because they return to their original shape after use. As a result, memory foam mattresses last up to 10-15 years maximum. However, they still need a regular rotation to ensure they last this long.


Similar to memory foam, latex mattresses also have a long life. They have been known to last up to 20-25 years! However, be aware that on average synthetic latex lasts up to 6-8 years, whereas organic latex mattresses, on average last up to 8-10 years.


Hybrid mattresses don’t last as long because comfort relies on the relationship between the springs and the foam working in tandem. Typically they last between 6-7 years.


Although initially a pillowtop mattress sounds and feels like a luxury, the extra layer won’t necessarily increase its lifespan. The cushion layer can break down and leave an uneven sleeping surface, just like any other mattress surface. So, we recommend replacing it after the same time as an innerspring or foam mattress.

No-Turn vs Turnable

There are many advantages to a no-turn mattress, especially if you have back problems or would be unable to lift it. However, compared to a turnable mattress, it will not last as long. Turning your mattress helps spread the effect of wear and tear, elongating the time it will remain comfortable to sleep on

Most of our beds are beautifully hand-stitched so you can be guaranteed 100% quality.

Why should I replace my mattress?

No-one can deny the physical and mental health benefits of a good night’s sleep. It refreshes us for the day so we can live to our full potential. It is also linked to the longer prevention of health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. Sleep keeps our mental health in check resulting in a happier life. It is difficult to function if you have low-energy levels, you’re not alert or in you are in a bad mood. So, if you are having any doubts about how your mattress is affecting your sleep it might be time to replace your mattress.

It’s even more crucial for allergy sufferers to change your mattress. As time goes on, your mattress collects dust, dead skin cells and even unwanted visitors. Bed bugs and dust mites will aggravate allergic reactions and asthma attacks. So, if you are finding that you have increased allergic reactions while in bed it might be time to change your mattress.

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