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5 Reasons You're Always Tired

author image Kayleigh Jenkins Digital Marketing Officer
5 Reasons You're Always Tired image 5 Reasons You're Always Tired image
September 13th, 2019

Do you find yourself tired all the time? Even after a ‘good night’s sleep’ you still find yourself close to nodding off in the middle of the day?

Do you find yourself tired all the time? Even after a ‘good night’s sleep’ you still find yourself close to nodding off in the middle of the day? Although sometimes, tiredness can be related to medical issues and conditions, our lifestyles can also affect our energy levels and leave us feeling fatigued too.

We’ve complied some of the reasons you may be always tired:

Too much tech
In our modern age of technology we are all guilty of spending too much time staring at screens. Whether it’s our phones, laptops or tablets, tech is all around us and our usage of them could be what is disturbing our sleep and keeping us awake for longer at night.

Our phone screens emit blue light – which tricks our brains in to thinking its day time. Plus, the temptation to scroll for a bit longer or watch ‘just one more episode’ on Netflix means we stay up longer. Banishing your phone or tablet from your bedroom is a great way to help us get to sleep earlier and feel a lot more awake the next day.

Not Enough...
You may think that exercising will just make you feel more tired? In fact, a complete lack of exercise will actually contribute to your fatigue. Many of us live sedentary lifestyles with little to no exercise. Add to that time spent in a desk job and long periods spent in cars or public transport and few are reaching the recommended exercise quotas set by the NHS. Exercise boosts endorphins and raises energy levels so it is recommended we try to fit in periods of daily activity. Whether it is a brisk walk, playing sport, getting off the bus a few stops earlier or hitting the gym or an exercise class, increasing your activity will help relieve your tiredness.

or too much?
On the other side of the coin, those who exercise excessively can also feel the effects in their energy levels. The body perceives excessive or overly intense as stress and releases ‘stress hormones’ which contribute to keeping us awake at night or sapping our energy for other tasks through the day. Combat this by making sure you are not over exercising by ‘listening to your body’ and taking enough rest from your workouts.

Caffeine Overload
When you’re feeling tired, it may seem like a good idea to reach for the caffeine. Our habit of using coffee, tea, soft drinks or energy drinks for an extra boost of energy and to make us more alert and productive may actually be what is making us more tired.  After the initial energy boost, the effects of the caffeine leaving our system can actually leave us more tired. Whilst the odd cup is fine, high doses of caffeine and the withdrawal affects can actually contribute to fatigue rather than helping our energy levels. Overuse of caffeine can also lead to other problems such as insomnia or anxiety – both of which contribute to tiredness.

Diet and Hydration
What we eat and drink has a serious effect on our energy levels. Calories in food are used by the body as energy units, so the amount of calories we eat in a day massively affects our energy levels. Consuming too few calories can lead to tiredness and fatigue. The amount of refined carbs in your diet can also lead to you feeling sluggish and lethargic. Keeping a healthy, balanced diet and consuming adequate calories is the best way to keep energy levels up.

We all know we need water to survive. Water intake also contributes to energy levels as being dehydrated results in slowing down your physical processes and making your body work harder. Combat this by making sure you are drinking lots of water throughout the day to keep your hydration up. It’s also great for your skin too!

Bad Sleep Quality
Whilst the obvious answer to feeling less tired is to get more sleep (The NHS suggest most adults need 6-9 hours per night) the quality of your sleep is very important. Getting a bad quality of sleep or not enough sleep all together is a sure fire way to sap your energy. Practising good ‘sleep hygiene’ is essential to getting a good night’s sleep and boosting energy levels. Some top tips for sleeping well Check out our blog on getting the perfect night’s sleep here.

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