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5 Things to Consider When Updating Your Saucepans

author image Karley Coles Senior Marketing Officer
5 Things to Consider When Updating Your Saucepans image 5 Things to Consider When Updating Your Saucepans image
February 12th, 2020

Here's our top tips on what to consider when updating your saucepans.

Cookware is an industry which has only improved and gotten bigger in the last few years. For our customers, it only makes it more difficult to choose exactly what it is they want. Here are our top tips for things to consider when choosing your next set of cookware.


1. Make sure you know some information about your oven, especially if it’s new. For example, what hob type is on the oven will determine if you need a magnetic base, required for an induction hob.

Top Tip: If you have an induction hob so need the magnetic base, take a simple fridge magnet with you. They are small enough to fit in your bag or pocket and could save you a lot of hassle.

2. Think about what dishes you like to cook and what cookware you use when creating them. I’m sure we’ve all got at least one saucepan or pot we never use. Cookware sets provide great value, but if two of the pans are too small or too big for your family you'd be better off buying separately. 


3. Consider what utensils you already have and if you’re planning to replace them. If you have metal utensils, then non-stick is usually a no go as it will scratch and your guarantee could be void.


4. When you’re picking up the different pans in store and feeling the weight, consider what food you’ll be adding to them. If you’re finding a saucepan heavy empty and it's the size you would usually use it to cook potatoes, you may find you can’t lift it once the potatoes are added.


5. Lastly, when it comes to making your purchase consider the guarantees and ask questions about them. It may be worth buying a slightly more expensive range if the guarantee is much better. For example, Stellar Cookware give lifetime guarantees on a vast majority of their items. Although they may be more expensive initially than other ranges, they will last a lot longer providing good value long term.



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