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6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch To E-Cloths

author image Karley Coles Marketing Assistant
6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch To E-Cloths image 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch To E-Cloths image
July 29th, 2019

E-Cloths are a range of cloths which clean with just adding water. No sprays, no chemicals, just water. They claim to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria with this method, the same as using many disposable wipes on the market. So why should you make the switch?

1. They're More Eco-Friendly

These cloths require use only with water leaving no need for harsh chemicals in single use plastic. The cloths themselves come packaged in recyclable cardboard.

2. They Leave More Space in your Cupboards

E-cloths fold and stack easily, taking up far less space in your cupboard than having individual sprays for each job.

3. Certified as Good for Allergy Sufferers

E-cloth are approved by Allergy UK as being unlikely to cause a reaction especially when compared to traditional chemicals.

4. They are Machine Washable

They are machine washable meaning they can be used time and time again.

5. Safer for Children

Children won’t be at risk of swallowing chemicals if the cleaning cupboard is accidently left open.

6. They Are Cost Effective

Once you have purchased, you will not need to buy any additional cleaning products for that job. The E-cloth range come with a 3-year guarantee meaning the cost per week will be pennies if used correctly.


How they Work

The way E-cloths work comes down to their fibres. All 480,000 per cm2 of them. When water is added the fibres break up, trapping dirt and grime between them, which is then removed with a single rinse at the sink. It’s that simple! The cloths vary to achieve different results this is usually done by using different yarn, the length of fibres, changing how absorbent the fibre construction is. No matter the cleaning job you are tackling there is an E-cloth for it, check out our range below.


Our Range

E-Cloth Bathroom Pack (2pk) E-Cloth General Purpose Cloth
E-Cloth Home Starter Kit E-Cloth Kitchen Pack (2pk)
E-Cloth Window Pack (2pk) E-Cloth Hob & Oven Pack (2pk)
E-Cloth Stainless Steel Pack (2pk) E-Cloth Washing Up Pad
E-Cloth Dusters (2pk) E-Cloth Wash & Wipe (2pk)
E-Cloth Fresh Mesh Pads (2pk) E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop
E-Cloth Wall & Floor Duster E-Cloth Cleaning & Dusting Wand


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