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Blog 6 Ways to Keep Cool in a Heatwave

June 1st, 2018 6 Ways to Keep Cool in a Heatwave image

6 ways to keep cool in a heatwave. With Summer 2018 breaking temperature records for the hottest Summer ever, do we again need to prepare for more long hot Summers going forward? Whilst the warm weather makes a welcome change from the sub-zero temperatures endured throughout Winter – keeping cool in such high heat can be tricky.

We have compiled a handy hacks list of 6 ways to keep cool during the heatwave with some of our best products and tips designed to help you beat the heat at home, in bed or outdoors! All products can be found at Gardiner Haskins Cirencester now.

Keep Cool indoors

A silver metal electric fanElectric Fans
Keeping a house cool without air con can be a nightmare but a standard electric fan can still do the trick of creating a cooling breeze at home! Status fans come in a range of sizes from 12″ Desk fans to larger freestanding versions – all come with variable speed settings to help you control the airflow and are light and portable so can be used in any room. Just plug in and go! Also, great to use at work as the smaller fans are ideal for desks! Find in our Electrical Appliance Department

TIP: Cool Down Quickly with this Handy DIY Aircon Hack: Create an even more cooling breeze through the home by simply placing a bowl of ice in front of your fan. As the ice melts, the fan will help distribute the vapor around the room- cooling the air as it does! For longer lasting effects – add salt to the water before freezing!


A cream roller blind on a windowKeep Shaded with Black out Blinds
On sunny days, our windows transfer heat in to the home – heating the air and creating that stuffy wave of heat that hits you when you come home. Blackout blinds are a great investment for homes that have lots of sun facing windows and can reduce the amount of heat transferred in by up to 24% – significantly cooling your home through the day. Our range of blinds come in plain colours and patterns and can be found in our Home Furnishings Department

TIP: Make the most of your blackout blinds: Make sure to close your blackout blinds BEFORE the sun hits the windows (East windows first as this is where the sun will hit first!)- don’t wait until the room is already heated as the aim is to prevent the room heating in the first place.



A Fine Bedding Duvet Summer Duvets
Keeping cool in Summer isn’t just a day time issue. Summer nights can be uncomfortable and the excess heat can dramatically affect quality of sleep. Summer duvets provide a great, more comfortable alternative to regular duvets for the Summer months. At just 4.5 togs – the Fine Bedding ‘Breathe’ duvet keeps you both cool and comfortable for a better night’s sleep by regulating temperature. Using smartfil technology combined with ‘modal’ (derived from natural wood pulp) filling, it is a breathable duvet that helps wick moisture away from the body for ultimate comfort.

Fine Bedding Cool Touch PillowCool Touch Pillows
For the ‘cold side of the pillow’ feeling all night long, Fine Bedding Cool Touch Pillows make a great addition to your Summer bed set. Using  Smartfil®Clusters and ProCool® fibres to let out heat and moisture gradually, the cool touch pillow will help you achieve a peaceful night’s sleep – no turning the pillow required! Find in our Home Furnishings Department


Keep Cool on the go

A row of water bottles with different fruits in themHello H20!
It may seem obvious but keeping hydrated is super important to keeping cool and safe in soaring temperatures. Guidelines suggest anything from 1.5-2 litres of water a day is needed to keep us properly hydrated – and the heat means we require even more!  If drinking that much water sounds boring, why not add some flavour to keep it interesting by adding in different fruits – adding hydration and vitamins at the same time. We have a great range of stylish and practical water bottles available in store and online to keep your H20 topped up on the go.


Cool Snap Towels
Perfect for tackling the outdoors during the heatwave, a Cool Snap Ice Towel is perfect for on the go cooling. Portable and easy to use, you simply wet the towel, store in its container and snap when you want to cool down!  Using coolcore technology, the towel cools instantly to ice cold and is ideal for days at the beach, at the gym, sports and more.


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