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Blog Christmas Movie Night

Find out some of our favourite Christmas Films and Snacks here..

November 2nd, 2020 Christmas Movie Night image
author image Karley Coles Marketing Assistant Cirencester Store

This Christmas may be a little different, but different is not cancelled. We are looking for more ways to enjoy Christmas in the home. In this blog we will share with you our favourite Christmas films as well as our favourite snacks to dive into.


Our Favourite Films

A popular choice for “you know it’s Christmas when this is on the TV” was A Christmas Carol. There are a few versions of this to watch if you have not seen it before. Scrooge (1951) is often hailed as the best version, but we also enjoy the 2009 version starring Jim Carrey and the Muppet Christmas Carol is great for children.

Sue enjoys watching the musical The White Christmas starring Bing Crosby. She is also a big fan of Jingle All The Way, a story about a man desperate to get his child the toy he wants for Christmas. Also known for its musical numbers but a lot more recent is Carine’s favourite Love Actually. Although she does like watching Polar Express with her children too.

My personal favourite is Elf featuring Buddy who is a human raised in the North Pole. He then goes to New York in pursuit of his biological father. The other film I always reach for on Christmas Eve is The Santa Claus. When you have been rushing around getting last minute presents or food there is nothing funnier than a man morphing into Santa Claus without even realising what is happening.

Steve loves the film Miracle on 34th Street. The perfect feel good movie for the festive season.

A lot of firm favourites lie in the “Is it a Christmas film or is it just played at Christmas” category. Graeme, enjoys Home Alone, the film of a plucky young boy accidently left home from his family’s vacation who is forced to defend his home from two burglars. While Alec and Joe both enjoy the film Die Hard which is set at Christmas time but revolves around a hostage situation in an office building. Rich enjoys The Sound of Music as it brings him back to his childhood. Erica enjoys watching the Wizard of Oz with her family as it is usually played a lot on TV around Christmas and has become a bit of a tradition.


Our Favourite Film Snacks

The obvious choice for a movie night is popcorn. Although there is always the age-old debate Sweet or Salted? Around Christmas times the tins of chocolates tend to come out in the shops which are perfect for passing around the living room if you can keep the wrappers quiet!

If you are looking for a bit more of a filling snack why not go for a cheeseboard? Include crackers and bread to really fill you up.

You could always bake some Christmas Cookies with your family. These are perfect for movie snack and homemade always taste rewarding. Check our recipe here.

We hope to see you in store over the Christmas Period

Merry Christmas 

From the Gardiner Haskins Team x

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