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Dual Tension Mattresses: Have the Sleep of your Dreams

author image Sophie Smith Marketing Assistant
Dual Tension Mattresses: Have the Sleep of your Dreams image Dual Tension Mattresses: Have the Sleep of your Dreams image
March 22nd, 2022

Achieve the ultimate night's sleep with our customisable, dual tension mattresses.

It’s that time again, your mattress has finally reached the end of its life and is due an upgrade. A mattress is a long-term investment meaning choosing the right one is an important decision. It can affect the quality of your sleep and subsequently, have an impact on your general well-being.

However, the dilemma presented for sleepers sharing a bed is that they will require different levels of firmness due to their weight and personal preference. Often, a compromise is made, and someone is worse off. If you and your partner find yourself in this situation, then we have the solution for you. Introducing the dual tension mattress, get the best of both worlds!

So, what is a Dual Tension Mattress?

Dual or split tension mattresses offer two levels of tension. In other words, they are half and half, so one side can be soft and the other side firmer. Depending on what side you sleep, you will experience varying degrees of comfort.

Retailers usually sell the standard, non-customisable mattress with one tension throughout. This can be an issue for couples who require different tensions, and many aren’t aware that dual tension mattresses exist. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so a comfortable night’s rest is crucial! Hence why the split tension mattress is ideal for couples, guaranteeing a blissful sleep.

It’s not always easy choosing a new mattress as there’s a lot to consider. Double or king? Pocket sprung or memory foam? Soft, medium or firm? If you’re unsure where to start then head over to our interview with a bed expert, our blog on selecting the best mattress for your individual needs.

Dual tension mattress at Gardiner Haskins

The Harrison Spinks Dual Tension Mattress

At Gardiner Haskins, one of our top brands for dual tension mattresses is Harrison Spinks, who pride themselves on quality, bespoke and sustainably made mattresses.

Harrison Spinks offers two types of dual tension mattresses. One consisting of two single beds neatly zipped together and the other is one mattress divided internally into two tensions. The former can combine any level of tension, for example firm and medium, medium and gentle, and firm and gentle. The latter, however, can only combine firm and medium or medium and gentle. All our Harrison Spinks mattresses can be bought as a dual tension mattress, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

As a specialist sleep tailor, Harrison wants to ensure you get the perfect slumber, every night. Therefore, they use the finest 100% natural fillings, such as hemp and horsehair. The mattresses are also made to order by talented craftsmen, meaning you are in control of the size, firmness and materials used.

To top it off, Harrison Spinks pride themselves on their sustainability, find out more about luxurious sustainability and Harrison Spinks here.

Dual tension mattress at Gardiner Haskins

A final thought…

As mentioned above, when two sleepers of different weights are sharing a bed, the spring tension will likely favour one person more. That’s why dual tension mattresses are a no brainer.

Being a specially tailored and bespoke option, you can only find them from higher end manufacturers, however they are well worth the money.

Sleep is as essential eating and breathing, so why not have the best sleep of them all?

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