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About Harrison Beds

Harrison are the sleep tailors, they love sleep!

With over 100 years’ experience, Harrison knows that a good night’s sleep comes from a bed that is tailored to you. With Harrison, you are in control of the size, firmness and materials used for your bespoke bed.

Natural materials and talented craftsmen

There are many different types of stuffing that are used in mattresses. Harrison uses the finest natural fillings from their farm-grown fibres, such as hemp, flax and their own reared sheep’s wool as well as goat, alpaca and horse hair. It takes a whole year and a 300-acre North Yorkshire farm to grow the ingredients for every mattress. The same amount of detail and quality also goes into the bed craftmanship; every divan, headboard and bedframe are handmade by skilled crafters to create quality bespoke beds.

The 100% natural materials that Harrison use means there is a natural air-flow, temperature and moisture control within the mattresses, so your body temperature is controlled while you sleep.

Ultimate support

There is no norm when it comes to the human body, Harrison works on the idea that different people need different support. If a bed is too soft, it will put pressure on your lower back. If it is too firm, it will put pressure on your shoulders, hips and knees. When a bed gives the correct support, your spine should be aligned.

Thanks to their award-winning HD spring technology, Harrison offers a great choice of superior mattresses that contour to support the natural curves of the body, encouraging pressure relieving comfort. Several thousand, individually wrapped springs are used in each bed. These revolution springs are ‘springs-within-springs’: the outer spring offers comfort while the inner spring offers extra support, especially for the heavier parts of the body. Each one is individually pocketed to avoid overlap.

Bed frames and Headboards

Harrison offer headboards and bed frames in a huge range of styles, designs and upholstered material and colours. The full-sized or strutted headboards are simple, traditional and perfect for Harrison divan beds. Choose your divan bed frame with a True Edge pocket sprung bases, it is reinforced by stable edging. Divans are so useful because of their storage facilities, choose from 2 or 4 draws.

New for 2021

Harrison Spinks Maldives bed

Image: Maldives bed

Harrison Spinks Capri Bed

Image: Capri Bed

Harrison Spinks Tahiti bed

Image: Tahiti Bed

Harrison Mattresses

Harrison offers seasonal turn mattresses. Simply turn the mattress in the cold and warm months and the mattress filling is tailored to that specific season. Turn-Free mattresses are also available – ideal for those who have back problems or difficulty lifting. They offer all the support you would expect from a Harrison mattress without the need to turn it. For extra comfort, choose a pillowtop mattress for a truly indulgent sleep.

Harrison Beds at Gardiner Haskins Interiors and Gardiner Haskins Cirencester

At the Gardiner Haskins Bed Department, our highly trained Bed Experts will guide you through the process of choosing your ideal bespoke bed from start to finish. Harrison encourages everyone to visit Gardiner Haskins and feel the quality of the beds for yourself. This is the only way to choose your bed; by testing it first.


Next day delivery mattresses available directly from Harrison Spinks. Find out more information here.

If you'd like to find out more about how Harrison mattresses are made see our blog here

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