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How do you make your bedroom look bigger?

James Allen
How do you make your bedroom look bigger? image How do you make your bedroom look bigger? image
April 8th, 2019

Our top tips in adding space and making your bedroom look bigger.

Use colour to your advantage 

Darker colours hide the space and cloak the edges of the room and make it look smaller. Whereas the brighter and the more vibrant colour palette opens up the room and maximises the light that enters the room and accentuates the edges of the room. 

Try to match the colour of the walls and the colour of the furniture and bed mattresses, for an expert look, have an outstanding colour that draws the eye in and focusses it. Natural light is your best friend get as much in there as you can. If you want to put in Sofas or Armchairs put them on raised legs this makes the room feel more spacey and more light will seep in.

A mirror also makes the room feel twice as big and a nice one is key to a good room.  

A bedroom with large mirror
Mirrors can make the room look twice as big

Try shifting your furniture around 

Experiment with moving furniture around and find the way that suits you and your way of living. If your bed is in the middle of the room it might cut off the sides of the room, try putting it in the corner to create more space. A room feels cramped if there is furniture is in the way of where you need to walk. Move around furniture so there is a clear walkway.

Don’t get overhead lights, small lamps go a long way and fills the room with light.

Acrylic furniture is clear and looks lovely. Consider bunk-beds as an option they minimise floor space  and if you want only one bed the other bed can be used as a shelf. Wall shelfs look nice and shift your eyes upwards. Having one type of floor throughout the room creates balance and wooden flooring gives a more spacious impression too. 

A bedroom with wooden flooring and low bed
A low bed will make the room seem more airy and expanded

Use your space wisely 

Make use of beds with drawers in the base or use a spare chair as a clothes holder. The Main thing to remember is don’t fill up the room with stuff that you are not going to use. Floor to Ceiling and Wall to Wall bookcases look lovely, add storage and make you ceilings look higher. Beds that lie on the floor make the room feel a lot airier and more expanded. Beds Buying Guide

Balance your room because if there is balance the room seems right to the eye and makes an air of tranquillity. If your walls are an awkward shape don’t try and cover it up, just embrace it and use it to your advantage by placing a mirror down it or put a painting down the edge of it. Placing tall plants in the corner of your room also fills the space and looks good. 

If you are opting for curtains, getting the right size for your room is key and probably one of the most important things in a room. Employing one element that emphasizes the vertical space in the room will increase the sense of height and openness.

 Add character  

Just because a room is small doesn’t mean there is no space for character. Be bold with art pieces to add drama. Also, bed throws and blankets make the room feel homier and add more vibrancy and colour. Use stripes to elongate the room and lengthen it to the eye.

Try colour coding your shelves so there is structure and it doesn’t look messy. Leave your window exposed so it lets more light in and adds more depth to the room this works especially well with bay windows. Floor cushions look lush and make a room feel cosy and warm. It also can be used for seating too. Upholstery looks nice and the texture intrigues the eye and focus it to a small area. Make a homemade collage of photos and prints to liven up the room.

Lay down a nice rug which makes it feel warmer and homier. Don’t be afraid to paint the ceiling darker or a bolder colour. Lava lamps add a chilled-out vibe to a room and are nice too sleep with one on too. LED lights look nice in bottles as well as they create more light and are a piece of art. Using wide horizontal lines they make the illusion of more space by distracting the eye across the room. 

A bedroom with white walls and green accessories
Get creative with accessories and features

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