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Kitchen Storage Solutions

author image Sophie Smith Marketing Assistant
Kitchen Storage Solutions  image Kitchen Storage Solutions  image
June 9th, 2022

Organised life, organised mind. We utilise our kitchen space daily and it’s a much nicer environment to be in when everything is where it should be, free from chaos!

We’ve had a think on your behalf and chosen our favourite storage solutions to help make your mealtimes easier and life in the kitchen more enjoyable. 

Pull out cupboard shelves 

Within the cupboard is a cleverly designed sliding mechanism which allows you to pull the entire shelf out. This offers tremendous benefits, including full access to all the dry goods and utensils in the cupboard, easy organising, and easy cleaning. 

Save yourself the time of crawling into your cupboard to reach that tin of chickpeas right at the back, gathering dust. A modern and rather obvious storage solution to a classic kitchen problem that we all seem to overlook. 

With the installation of pull-out shelves, Alison and Darrell will never forget about the food at the back of their cupboards again and were extremely happy with the results. Head over to our kitchen case study to see how they’ve utilised the storage space.


Built-in pantry cupboard

A clever way of keeping all your dry foods in one convenient place. By focusing all your food in one area, this saves the other cupboards for pots, pans, utensils and more. 

We partner with a kitchen range called Mackintosh Kitchens, and this is one of their sought-after kitchen storage solutions. The double doors have hinging that allows you to open them at 180 degrees for full view and access into the pantry. You also have a range of options for the inside aesthetic. Our personal favourite is a natural oak colour.0 that can be filled with wooden and wicker baskets for more organised storage. 

Becky opted for a cupboard pantry by Mackintosh and she said it’s “the most amazing cupboard” she’s ever had. Read more about her kitchen journey with us here

A tip from Gardiner Haskins… choose a different shade for the inside of the pantry to the outside for a contrasting dynamic! 


Drawers within drawers 

Introducing you to the drawer within a drawer. Not sure on the purpose? Hear us out. 

By hiding a shallow drawer withing a deeper drawer, you are essentially maximising the drawer space and using all it has to offer. In addition, it keeps the outside of your cabinets looking simple, structured and clean. Remember, less is more. 

Our kitchen designers work with English Rose Kitchens to provide this, and many other options, as a storage solution for you to ensure you are making the most of your space. 


Built-in recycle unit 

Saying goodbye to the free-standing bin!  

Visually, having a built-in recycle unit is a no brainer. It gives the illusion of having no bin at all, making your kitchen space instantly more aesthetically pleasing to yourself and guests. Rubbish is neatly tucked away, and bin smells are eradicated. 

In addition, most built-in recycle units allow you to have multiple bin options, such as general waste and recycling. This is convenient as it saves you space and time. They’re also easily accessible meaning taking them in and out is hassle free.  

A bonus of the built-in recycle unit is that you can chop up your vegetables on the countertop and slide them straight into the bin once you’re finished! 


Open framed shelving 

Another useful kitchen storage solution is open shelving. It allows you to create a warm, welcoming and more homely kitchen space. 

You can also show off your stylish dishware and glassware as well as making it look decorative with plants, flowers and fruit bowls. This gives off a more authentic vibe, allowing you to ‘display’ your personality. 

Crown kitchens offer open shelving as a kitchen storage solution with an added twist – ‘open framed shelving’. Our kitchen designer, Alec, worked with Crown to create a beautifully yellow kitchen for Alison and John. As part of their kitchen renovation, they opted for open framed shelving, which is highlighted beautifully with double downlights, creating a wonderful ambience in the evening. To see how Alison and John chose to utilise their open framed shelving, deep dive into their kitchen story.


A final thought...

Can you see the perks of optimising your kitchen storage solutions?  As a space that gets used so often, it is well worth taking the leap and upgrading to smarter storage that can benefit your household and lifestyle. 

Not sure where to start? Book your free consultation with one of our kitchen experts. 

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