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Trade the Night out for a Night in

author image Lucy Phillips Digital Marketing Officer
Trade the Night out for a Night in  image Trade the Night out for a Night in  image
September 23rd, 2019

Long gone are the times of looking forward to your Friday and Saturday nights which are spent getting ready to go out partying. Although drinking with your friends and showing them your best moves on the dancefloor is fun, there’s a growing trend around more of us now preferring to stay in. Not convinced? We’ve compiled a list of reasons why it may be time to swap the dancing shoes for slippers. 


Staying in for self-care 

One of the most popular reasons for people wanting to stay in more is the rise in self-care. Today people are prioritising their fitness levels, mental health and diet which includes cutting back on the amount of alcohol consumed and getting more sleep. Why not invite friends who you haven’t seen in ages round for the evening? You’ll be able to catch up while also being able to actually hear each other. 


Staying in is free

Let’s be honest, everything today is only getting more expensive including drinks. The free coupons offering drink discounts at bars and clubs are never actually that useful as they are normally only valid between 10-11 pm. Staying at home means you have all of the choices from Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to hunt to the back of your food cupboards in search of late-night snacks. 


Transform your bed into the bed of your dreams

Yes, it’s completely acceptable to be in your PJs by 7 pm on a Saturday. Why not turn your bed into the ultimate relaxation destination?. Freshening your sheets will help to make your bed feel extra soft and will give your duvet that ‘new’ feeling. Old duvet covers? Treat yourself to a new duvet cover set. Cosy up and watch a movie with snacks of course. 


Order a Feast

Forget having to queue for a kebab at the end of the night when you have food options such as Devlieroo and Justeat which are only a tap away. Treat yourself to a takeaway or spend the evening recreating a new recipe that you haven’t tried.


Catch Up on Lost Sleep 

Although it’s not advised that you sleep all weekend as this will disrupt your sleeping cycle and impact your sleep during the week, there is an opportunity to get an earlier night. If you find yourself extremely tired during the week or have been struggling to sleep it may be best to try and get an earlier night. 


For more information about how you get the better nights sleep, read our blog on ‘How to Get the Perfect Nights Sleep’


You Can Get More Out of the Weekend 

Staying in means you wouldn’t be wasting half of Sunday hungover, so it frees up more of your weekend allowing you to do more! Why not meet up with friends in a cafe or visit somewhere you haven’t been to before?


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