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Electric Bikes Bristol – Cycle Life

Contact us:
Tel: 0117 9255084 Email:

Opening Hours:

  • Mon- Fri: 8am – 8pm
  • Sat: 9am – 6pm
  • Sun: 10am- 4pm

Easter 2018 Opening Hours

  • Friday March 30th (Good Friday): 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday April 1st: 9am-6pm
  • Sunday April 2nd (Easter Sunday): CLOSED
  • Monday April 3rd: 10am – 5pm


Our Cycle Life store, situated next to our Bristol store building, is the one stop shop for all your cycle needs. Stocking the latest in Road, Folding, Commuter and Electric Bikes from top quality brands such as Raleigh, Haibike, Diamnndback and Dahon. We can also get you kitted out with  safety equipment, clothing and anything else a keen cyclist or daily commuter could need. We provide repairs and servicing on Road and Ebikes to keep your cycle in tip top condition. Drop in and our friendly, fully Cytech trained staff will be happy to help you get ready for the road.

  • Free bike build, PDI and safety check
  • Free first service
  • Outstanding after sales service
  • Save up to 50% with Cycle to Work Schemes
  • 0% Interest Free up to 36 months.
  • Bike servicing with courtesy bike for commuters
  • Try before you buy on all makes and models of bike
  • Buy online and collect from our Bristol store
  • Electric Bike Hire (T+C Apply)

Opening hours

  • Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 6pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Go Faster, Go Further - Electric Bikes

BLOG: The rise of the Electric Bike 

Cyclelife Bristol features a huge selection of new technology Electric Bikes, taking the strain out of cycling. Our Bristol city centre store stocks big brands including Raleigh, Diamondback and Haibike, with Electric bikes of all types and sizes ready for you to take away today!

Proving increasingly popular and revolutionising the cycling industry, Electric bikes (also known as E-bikes) have changed the way people get around on two wheels, helping cyclists go further and faster with less effort.
Combining all the perks of a regular cycle with electric technology, the Electric bike uses a motor and battery to convert your pedal power into extra assistance and means even novice or less fit cyclists can enjoy longer or faster bike journeys without additional strain.

Electric bikes are perfect for new cyclists, those who want to use their bike for long commutes (who wants to arrive at work sweaty and out of breath?) and those who want to take on tough off road terrain (take a look at our Electric Mountain Bikes). For those looking to build fitness, an Electric bike is a great way to start as variable assistance levels mean you can increase or decrease the electric help as you build your pedal power.

Cyclelife Bristol staff are fully trained in Electric Bike technology and are ready to help you choose the perfect model for you. Visit us in store or you can Shop Electric Bikes Online today.














Choosing the right bike for you

Before you buy…
Choosing the right bike for you mostly depends on your biking needs, what you will be using it for and where.

  • Ask yourself what the main purpose of your bike will be. Do you need a bike to get you to work throughout the week? Do you want a bike to take off road? Will it be for streets or rougher terrain? These are all influences on the type of bike you choose.
  • Comfort test the bike. Make sure you can comfortably mount and dismount the bike and the straddle height is suitable. This may also be effected by wheel size – so also check the wheels are the correct size you need.
  • Saddle test – you should be able to comfortably sit on the saddle. Firstly, check the seat and its’ height is comfortable and if not, whether it can be adjusted. Your knee should be positioned comfortably over the ball of your foot when the pedal is at 3 o’clock.
  • Can you easily reach the handlebars? Too much bending and hunching over while riding will put strain on your back and neck. You should be able to reach and grip them from sitting upright.
  • Ride it! Our staff will let you take a test drive to make sure you feel comfortable on the bike. Check the gears and breaks are working well, that the frame is the right shape and weight for you and that you can ride it adequately.

Types of bike

Depending on your needs and usage we can help you select the best type of bike to fit your needs. Just a few of the models we stock:

Electric Bikes

The newest in cycle technology, also known as E bikes, these bikes are ideal for those who are new to cycling, taking on long commutes or want an extra push with their pedalling. The motor converts your pedal motion into extra wheel rotations giving an extra boost. This gives you more speed with less sweat and exertion. The average Ebike will assist you for around 80 miles per charge meaning keeping it powered is easy!

Road Bikes

Road bikes are those that are mainly used in the city or towns rather than off road or on rough terrain. The light frame and smooth, thinner tyres make them Ideal for using on roads and pavements. These are perfect for commutes, whizzing around on weekends and generally getting you from A to B.

Mountain Bikes
Used for rougher, off road terrains, Mountain bikes are great for those wanting to ride off the beaten track.  Mountain bikes generally feature a heavier frame and larger, more durable wheels and lower gear range than traditional road bikes.  They usually include extra features such as shock absorption or suspension for dealing with uneven ground as well as steeper inclines or declines.

Folding BikesFolding bikes are lightweight, compact models that can be folded up – making them much more transportable than bulkier standard bikes. The folding bike offers convenience to those with less storage space, those who need to carry their bike on public transport or who lack a safe space to store at work.

Hybrid/Commuter Bikes
Also known as ‘Cross’ bikes, Hybrids Incorporate the benefits of both road and mountain bikes. They can be used on paved or unpaved roads or trails but aren’t suitable for very rough terrain or off roading. Less lightweight than the standard road bike, the medium width tires have a semi smooth tread to provide a reasonable ride on smoother surfaces such as pavements but also feature enough grip and cushion to deal with unpaved trails too.

Maintaining your bike:

Regular use can put a lot of wear and tear on your bike, so it is essential to look after and maintain your bike to ensure it lasts.
Here are a few top tips to keeping your bike in good condition:

  • Servicing: Cars get an annual MOT and so should your bike! Getting a professional service regularly will give your cycle longevity and cover any maintenance work or repairs needed to get your bike in top condition. We offer full servicing, repairs and safety checks at Cyclelife to deal with any problems you may have.
  • Cleaning: Make sure to regularly clean your bike to remove dust, dirt, grease and anything else it picks up. Use hot soapy water and a sponge (use a toothbrush for hard to reach areas) or a bike cleaning solution which contain less abrasive chemicals. For oily, gritty chains and gears use a good quality de greaser. Make sure to clean the wheel spokes and rims for easy rotation.
  • Lubricants: As a bike is made up of moving parts, they need to be olied/lubricated regularly for optimum performance. Make sure to lubricate any parts where metal touches metal.
  • Tyres: Tyres need to be regularly inflated to ensure smoother, safer riding. The recommended pressure can usually be found on the tyre sidewall and following these guidelines should provide you with optimum tyre pressure.
  • The Chain: As the link between your pedals and the wheels, your chain is essential to keeping your bike moving smoothly – make sure the chain is clean and clear of any dirt, dust and pieces that may be present For best results, you should always be able to see the individual links and plates of the chain. Use chain oil to lubricate the chain and keep grease at bay.
  • Brakes: Worn brake pads will hinder the quality of your brakes. If the grooves aren’t very visible then get them replaced – either at home or professionally. You should also regularly check your breaks to ensure they are tight enough – again, they can be easily tightened at home using an Allen Key

Accessories and Extras

We have a range of essential and extra accessories to ensure you and your bike are both kept safe, secure and comfortable.

Cycling can be dangerous without the correct safety accessories. Helmets are crucial for preventing injuries, with many styles and sizes available this is an essential piece of kit for all cyclists. For those who ride at night, a bicycle light is needed to improve visibility and ensure you are seen by fellow cyclist, motorists and pedestrians. Our range of camcorders can be attached to your bicycle or helmet and are useful for extra security and incident recording for commuters as well as being equally useful and fun for more adventurous cyclists looking top record whilst cycling.

To protect you from the elements whilst riding there are a range of clothing available from high visibility clothing and waterproofs to cycling gloves and shoe covers – all of which will increase your comfort while you cycle.

As cycles are becoming more popular in everyday use you will need somewhere to store your belongings on the move. There are many options available from small saddle and hang bags to larger panniers and baskets. All of which can be attached to your cycle for easy transportation.

Keeping your bike safe and secure Is paramount. The best practice is to keep your bike indoors in your home or locked shed. Where this is not possible, the best security measure is to invest in a good quality bike lock.

Cycling can be thirsty work and it is important to keep hydrated whilst undertaking any physical activity. Our selection of water bottles are great for storing drinks and easy to use on the go. For storage, you can attach a bottle holder to your bike frame for easy access.