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How to Measure for Blinds

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How to Measure for Blinds image How to Measure for Blinds image
June 7th, 2019

Planning on installing new blinds but need to measure up before? Read our buyer guide on how to correctly measure your window for blinds.

Are you planning on fitting new blinds but need to measure beforehand? Blinds help in controlling the temperature inside of rooms as well as adding a stylish touch to any room which they are installed in. Whatever it's roman, roller, Venetian or vertical blinds, here's a guide on how to successfully measure for new blinds externally and internally to help you achieve your desired look.

Before measuring anything, you will need to decide where the blinds will hang. To do this you will need to check to see if your window has a recess and choose whether you will decide to fit them outside or inside this space. Ensure that there isn't any obstruction or item preventing the blind from being fully extended such as phone sockets, handles, hooks or fixtures.

If you have a deep window recess, it will help to provide space for your new blinds to neatly fit inside for a sleek look. However, if you have a shallower recess or want to keep the inside space clear, you may choose to fit your blind outside the recess. If you're blind fitting without using a recess space, we would recommend that giving a 5cm (2") overlap on each side of your window and 10cm (4'') to the length measurement to help allow the blind to give excellent performance. 

What you will need:

  • Pencil 
  • Notepad
  • Tape Measure

Time estimated to measure for Blinds: 15-20min 

Measuring for Internal Blinds With a Recess:

Internal blinds are fitted entirely within the window; inside the building to help protract heat and light from entering. There are 3 key measurements which need to be taken to ensure a successful fit 

Step 1 - Using the tape measure, record measurements of the recess from left to right. These measurements will help to tell you the width of your blinds. Measure at the top, middle and bottom of the window to take into account any variations of measurements.  

Step 2 -  Measure from the top of the recess to the bottom and record measurements on the notepad, doing this will help to give you the length of your blinds. Remember to add at least 5cm to the recorded measurement to help to block out any light which may appear around the fabric. If measuring longer windows, ensure you’re using a tape measure with a greater standout.

Step 3 - Measure the position of the bracket. Brackets on Internally fitted blinds can frequently be screwed into the top of the recess or top of the window frame. This will depend on the surface to which you would be drilling into as selected surfaces may require a connector/ plug.

Top Tip: When using a tape measure, always take measurements twice to help guarantee the measured figures are correct decreasing chances of mistakes.

Measuring Blinds Without a Recess:

Step 1 -  Using a tape measure, measure across each side of the window, which will help to give you the width. Add an extra 10cm (4’’) to the total width and allow 5cm (2’’) overlap on each side of the window to block out any unwanted light.

Step 2-  Once you have decided where you would like to the end of the blind to finish, measure the length from the top of the position of the bracket down to the desired finishing point.

Top Tip - Often, fitting blinds without a recess requires a track or bracket to be fitted above your window, fixed directly onto the wall or a wooden batten around 5cm (2’’) above the window frame.


Measuring for External Blinds:

External blinds sit outside the window recess and are commonly known as London, Austrian and Roman Blinds. 

Step 1 - Measure the position of the bracket at the top of the bracket, this is vital to do first as this will help to show the length of the blind. When fitting external blinds, your bracket can be often fitted to the wall around 4-5cm  above the window recess. External 

Step 2- Secondly, measure the width of the recess from left to right ensuring you’re adding at least 5cm onto each side. Adding on the extra 5cm will aid in blocking out the sunlight from the outside.

Step 3 - Once you have measured the width and found the desired position of the bracket, measure the height of the recess twice, remembering to add on 5cm to the bottom and measure the distance to the top of the bracket.


Top Tip- If you aren’t 100% confident with measuring space for blinds, consult a DIY specialist. Blinds and curtains can both help to brighten up and add character to a room so it’s always best to avoid getting the measurements wrong at all costs. Suggest getting a second opinion from a friend/family member to assist and record their measurements to ensure all measurements are the same and that there isn’t a variety of recorded measurements.

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