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Rubbish doesn't have to be unsightly with our variety of bins in Gardiner Haskins Cirencester.

We have your basic plastic range right up to your top of the range Simple Human Bins. We also have bins made especially for storing your recycling and food waste.


Simple Human Plastic Bins Simple Human Recycler Bin Sort and Go Bins

Brabantia Bin  Addis Eco Bin


Our Kitchen Bins & Recycling Bins

Simple Human Bins

The sleekest of our range, Simple Human Bins come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit any home. Whether it's a small countertop bin or a large family size rubbish bin you're looking for they are sure to have an option for you. Simple Human also do made to fit liners ensuring maximum capacity of bin without the bags overhanging. 

Brabantia New Icon Bins

Our environmentally friendly option comes from Brabantia. Brabantia redesigned their bins a few years ago to have less of an environmental impact during production and at the end of their life. By buying this bin you are also helping Brabantia to support The Ocean Clean Up who they donate to for every bin sold. The bins themselves have a soft closing lid and odour proof closure. Made to fit bags are available for the New Icon Range.

Brabantia Sort & Go Recycle Bins

A colourful option for your recycling comes in from Brabantia. Available in 3 sizes and 4 colours The Sort & Go Range will keep your recycling separated without ruining your home's style. 

These are just an idea of what we stock in store and don't cover our whole range. To check our stock levels, prices or enquire if we have more available please call the Cirencester store on 01285 657751 to avoid disappointment.

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