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Bathroom Design Ideas – From Traditional to Modern

author image Kayla Wilson Senior Marketing Manager
Bathroom Design Ideas – From Traditional to Modern image Bathroom Design Ideas – From Traditional to Modern image
March 28th, 2019

Here's some of our favourite bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms, simple bathrooms, traditional to modern. A little something for every bathroom design taste.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas -

Lots of homes, especially new builds, have small bathrooms which can make it hard to fit in all of your dream bathroom design features. Choosing bathroom furniture which is contemporary and light in colour will help open the room, whereas dark furniture and walls will shrink the space. Clever storage is your best friend when it comes to planning your small bathroom design. Opting for a bathroom suite like the one below will maximise every inch of available space so you can keep your bathroom clutter and toiletries out of sight. We love the built-in toilet roll holder which keeps this necessary accessory out of the way.

If you plan on keeping the toiletries in your small bathroom to a minimum then swap storage for open space. Choosing a floating sink like the one below which will make the tiles wall appear bigger and taller, therefore opening up the room to more light and space. You can also find ‘floating’ toilets to keep this theme in your bathroom to keep the floor clear from obstacles which is also easier to clean.

Read more in our blog about choosing the right tiles for your small bathroom to make the bathroom look bigger.

Simple Bathroom Designs -

Choosing a simple bathroom design doesn’t have to mean boring! Simple can be great for small bathrooms to keep it clutter free, light and open. A simple bathroom will also help reduce the amount of design decisions you need to make and can help keep your budget down too. Opting for white furniture with clean, contemporary lines, white floor and wall tiles and a walk in shower enclosure will keep your bathroom looking bright and open and easy to maintain. You can choose bath towels and accessories with pops of colour to add some vibrancy to your bathroom which can be changed regularly.

Traditional Bathroom Designs -

A traditional bathroom design doesn’t have to mean old fashioned. Instead, it is incorporating design elements which stay on trend and will wow your guests. Traditional bathrooms look great in a traditional home such as a barn conversion, cottage or a quirky period home. However, traditional bathrooms also look stunning in contemporary homes and they can help add a warmth to the home where a modern look can sometimes feel a little cold and lifeless.

Wood Paneling and Accessories

Using wood paneling in bathrooms has become a popular trend in the last year or two, but we predict the appeal will last much longer. You can use recycled scaffolding boards for a natural, rough look or you can keep it more elegant with smooth, oiled wood like the Pin above. Paired with a simple floor and wall tile, understated white bathroom furniture and a clear shower screen will open the space up and let lots of light in. We love the trend of countertop basins resting on a chunky piece of wood which provides a floating effect and saves space below the basin.

Traditional Clawfoot Bath Tubs

The clawfoot bath tub has been around for centuries and was considered to be a luxury item in the 19th century. It has passed the test of time and continues to be a feature in many bathrooms which have a touch of elegance, luxury and a traditional bathroom appeal. You can make it ultra-traditional by going for a clawfoot tub with brass feet and fittings or take this trend a little more contemporary like the example above. When paired with the white metro wall tiles, hexagonal grey floor tiles and industrial-style accessories you can achieve a traditional bathroom with a modern twist.

Modern Bathroom Designs 2020 -

Like fashion, home design trends are always changing and it can be difficult to keep up to ensure that your bathroom doesn’t end up looking dated after a year or two. Modern bathroom designs will achieve a contemporary bathroom look with some timeless features which will keep it looking fresh and on trend for years to come.

These shelves which have been built-in to the tiled bathroom walls are a fantastic way of adding extra storage to your bathroom without compromising on space and creating clutter. We love this idea of tiling the backdrop of the shelf in a strikingly different tile to the rest of the room. It’s a simple way of adding a feature colour or tile design which you’re not quite brave enough to have in the whole room. Add one of these built-in shelves to your shower wall so you can easily reach your shampoo and won’t end up cluttering the sides of the shower with sticky shampoo bottles.

Looking for more bathroom design inspiration? Visit our brand new bathroom showrooms in Bristol (or head over to our Pinterest ‘Beautiful Bathrooms’ board).

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