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How to choose the right kitchen designer

author image Kayla Wilson
How to choose the right kitchen designer image How to choose the right kitchen designer image
March 12th, 2020

Make sure to get the right kitchen designer and kitchen company for the job

When you choose a kitchen company to plan, manufacture, deliver and install your new kitchen, you’re not just choosing the company but the kitchen designer you’ll be working with too. Your dedicated kitchen designer will be your go-to person for advice ranging from design inspiration, colour choices and technical details. You want to work with someone you trust with your project, so here’s a few tips to help you find the right kitchen designer for you.


You’ve got rapport

You will be working closely with your kitchen designer so having rapport where you can bounce ideas off of each other and collaborate is essential. You’ll know when this feels right and as the project develops you will notice this more and more. You will be spending lots of time discussing ideas with your kitchen designer so having rapport will help that time be productive and full of ideas.


They will be your project manager

At many kitchen companies, especially national chains, you will be passed from one person to the next for each phase of your project. The person who measures your kitchen might not be the same person who designs it with you. At Gardiner Haskins your point of contact is the designer who comes out to measure, works with you on your design and they communicate with the kitchen installer to see the project through. No being bounced from pillar to post! Not only is this easier for you but it also means that your kitchen designer gets to know you, your home and your design preferences.


They communicate regularly

A good kitchen designer knows that communication is essential for building trust between the two of you. Consistent communication at the right time to keep you in the loop means that you always know where the project is at and you don’t have to chase for updates. Good project management at its best.


They are full of ideas and enthusiasm

From your first conversation with your kitchen designer they should be full of enthusiasm and ideas for your project, making suggestions you hadn’t thought of and bringing their passion for kitchens to the project. Renovating your kitchen is an exciting time and a good kitchen designer will be coming along for that ride with you.


What our customers say

After visiting several kitchen studios, Brad and Helen visited Gardiner Haskins Interiors where they immediately noticed the excellent customer service given by kitchen designer Alec to another couple. Helen said, “after seeing how Alec listened and cared for his customers, we knew immediately that we wanted him to design our kitchen”. Read more about Brad and Helen's kitchen renovation in our case studies.      

Trisha and Phil were both very impressed with the design process and felt Alec really understood and accommodated their cookery interests suggesting features they hadn’t considered. “We thought he was brilliant, so much so we went ahead with Alec’s first design". Read the full case study about Trish and Phil's perfectly colour matched kitchen.

Mr and Mrs Cook had their kitchen designed by Tara and fitted by Ryan, they said: “We didn’t really have to do anything, it was all organised for us and Ryan was great at keeping in contact with the other workmen, builders etc. It was no hassle and a lot easier than we thought. They would also give us lots of good advice and suggestions about other things – even down to which size of skip to hire.” Read the full case study about their kitchen redesign here.


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