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Gardening with Gardiners: Growing Cress from Seed

author image Karley Coles Senior Marketing Officer
Gardening with Gardiners: Growing Cress from Seed image Gardening with Gardiners: Growing Cress from Seed image
March 29th, 2021

Learn how easy it is to grow cress from seed. Cress is great in salads, with egg sandwiches or just as a garnish.

Growing your own at home has become really popular especially in the last year where we have stayed at home a lot more. We are frequently asked how to involve children in growing your own and what is easy for them to grow. Here's a great idea for growing that is both easy to do, takes up little space and can be done on a sunny window sill. 


Growing Cress


What You Will Need

  • A container for growing in. I used an old carton from the recycling but a small plant pot will suffice.
  • Cress seeds
  • Compost or tissue paper


How to Sow Cress Seeds

1. Fill the container with either moist compost or slightly damp kitchen roll.

2. Spread the seeds thickly over the compost/kitchen roll. You do not need to cover the seeds with anything. 

3. Put a piece of paper over the top of the container until seeds start to germinate then remove.

4. Keep compost moist without overwatering. 

5. Sowing to harvest time approximately 14 days, however we found this much quicker when it was really warm.

6. Harvest the cress when it is 5cm high. 


Our Results

Last year in the first lockdown I grew some cress with my son Harry who was 2 at the time. Here are our results:

Day 1 - The seeds are sown.

Day 4 - The seeds have started to germinate


Day 6 - The cress is thickening up


Day 8 - Most of the cress has come through and is ready to be harvested

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