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How to Attract Birds into your Garden

author image Karley Coles Marketing Assistant
How to Attract Birds into your Garden image How to Attract Birds into your Garden image
January 6th, 2020

Find out here how to attract birds into your garden or green space.

A busy garden is a happy one. Nothing beats waking up to birds singing in the garden or watching a bird happily splash around in a bird bath. If you're looking to attract more birds into your garden here are our top tips to help you.


Provide Food

Birds need food provided for them in the colder months as the earth is harder for them to peck into. The food needs to be in a safe place, closer enough to shelter for the birds if they spot a predator but far enough from low lying shelter that predators such as cats can sneak up on them. It also helps to have trees or shrubs which have fruits or berries on them. 


Provide Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking and bathing water is essential for birds all year round. 


Keep the Garden Clean

Birds can easily spread disease amongst themselves. All bird feeders, bird baths and bird tables should be kept as clean as possible.


Make it Cosy!

Make your garden cosy for the birds by including trees for them to rest in and nests for when they start thinking about breeding season in the Spring.


Attract Insects

If you attract insects to your garden for the birds to feed on. Insects are attracted to flowers. Flowers are a great way to add colour to your garden as well as supporting the eco system.



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