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Bathroom Installation

Bathroom Installation at Gardiner Haskins

Our bathroom installation service takes the worry out of installing your new Bathroom.

Utilising our Approved Expert Installers, we can arrange a set date to install your new bathroom. The service we provide includes the installation of:

  • Sinks and taps
  • Bathroom cupboards
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Baths
  • Electrics
  • Flooring and tiling
  • Radiators
  • and more…

bathroom sketch


We have worked with our bathroom installers for many years so we know that we are recommending a Bristol bathroom installer who can get the look, functionality and design that you’re looking for. We regularly monitor the performance of our bathroom Approved Expert Installers to maintain Gardiner Haskins quality standards. You can have peace of mind that our installers will get the job done with your best interests in mind.

Before You Book an Installer

Before booking the services of a bathroom installer we strongly recommend waiting until all of your new bathroom furniture has arrived and has been fully quality check by us and you. There is nothing worse than starting the project only to discover something that may cause a delay. Allow yourself plenty of time to be thorough.

At Gardiner Haskins, we make every effort to quality check all bathroom products before they make their way out the door to ensure that your bathroom project runs smoothly.

How Much Should a Bathroom Installation Cost?

This depends on what you are having fitted, smaller jobs may come in at around £150 for fitting just a basin for example. Tiling a large bathroom could cost around £1,000+, depending on any fiddly tile shapes and the area you are tiling. All of these odd jobs add up so when you get your installer to come in and quote for a job, make sure you give them as much detail as possible so the quote matches the job required.

  • Always shop around and compare quotes for your bathroom, giving the same specification to each installer to get like-for-like quotes.
  • Make sure you ask if they are going to arrange disposal of waste and see if it’s cheaper for you to arrange this yourself.
  • Cheaper isn’t always better. Your bathroom should last you many years so, you want to get a high-quality finish from your products and your installation. Cutting corners may seem right in the short term, but will undoubtedly mean you get a less than perfect finish. You will be kicking yourself for not spending a little bit extra on those little details.

We Install the whole of your bathroom so you don't have to worry.

Installation: What To Expect

This is a rough guide of the process that your bathroom installer will follow, which can take from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the size of your bathroom and the scope of the project.

What you have to do:

  • Empty the bathroom of any personal items
  • Clear the route from the bathroom to the entrance of your home to make sure there are no trip hazards for the bathroom fitters
  • Have plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits on hand to fuel your fitters!

What your bathroom installer will do:

  • Carpet protectors will be put down to reduce mess around your home
  • Water will be turned off and the central heating system drained
  • Items like blinds, cabinets, mirrors, toilet roll holders will be removed
  • The existing suites are removed (bath, shower, basin, toilet) and put into a skip
  • Waste pipes are replaced with new, clean and clear ones, as your old ones will likely have built up with dirt and hair
  • Electrical connections will be disconnected
  • The tiles are removed – your bathroom installer will assess any damage to the walls beneath for any plastering needed
  • New electrics will be put in place, including the cabling for ceiling lights, electric showers, extractor fans etc.
  • Walls are boarded and re-plastered
  • The supply and waste pipework will begin going in now
  • At this stage baths and the shower trays are installed as they need to be in before tiling and made watertight
  • Your bathroom fitter will ensure everything is completely watertight at this stage
  • Then tiling the floor will begin
  • Once all grouted and polished, corners or junctions will be sealed with silicon
  • The second stage of electrics begins, such as ceiling spotlights, pull cord, shave sockets etc.
  • Furniture will be fixed into place such as your basin
  • The second stage of plumbing begins including your toilet, shower, bath screen and taps
  • Any finishing touches like toilet roll holders, mirrors, blinds etc.

What Our Customers Say


We have been very pleased with the work carried out by the installer. I would recommend him to any customerTestimonial Author
Mr. and Mrs. H, Bedminster


A very professional finish. Extremely pleased with the end result. The fitters were brilliantTestimonial Author
Mr. D, Keynsham


We are very happy with the work done. We would have no hesitation in recommending the fitter to other peopleTestimonial Author
Mr. and Mrs. C, Redfield


To book one of our installers, or to find out more call us on
0117 9340874, or email us

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