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The Complete Guide To Renovating A Bathroom

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The Complete Guide To Renovating A Bathroom image The Complete Guide To Renovating A Bathroom image
June 9th, 2021

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Or are stuck with where to start? This blog will cover different areas to consider when planning to renovate your bathroom. Maybe you can’t tell if you really need to renovate? We have a section of warning signs to spot in your bathroom, where to find inspiration and more! Pop into our Bristol Bathroom showrooms to look at the range of brands and products to help inspire you for ideas! 


What are the key Bathroom Fittings to Consider?


Types of Toilet:

Wall Hung Toilet - These toilets hang on the wall without a need for a pedestal. 

Close-Coupled Toilet - The cistern and pan are attached to one compact toilet unit.

Back to Wall Toilets - Similar to close-coupled toilets, apart from they are fixed to the floor. 

Fitting it yourself? Read our Guide on how to fit a toilet 

Types of Shower:

Power Shower  - Pumps cold and hot water when you have low-pressure. 

Electric Shower - Pressurises and heats the water all at once. 

Remember - Consider which hot water system you have; whether you have a vented hot water system, unvented hot water cylinder system or a combi boiler. This will impact what fittings you choose. 

Click Here For Buyer Guide on How To Fit A Shower In Your Bathroom


Types of Taps:

Pillar Taps - This is one of the most traditional styles of taps. They have a classic separation of each tap for hot and cold water. 

Mixer Taps - These are similar to Pillar Taps as they have two different handles; one for hot and one for cold. However, the supplies are mixed inside the tap and water comes from one nozzle.

Monoblocs - These operate similarly to mixer taps as the hot and cold water supplies are mixed inside the tap. The difference is the temperature and flow are managed with just one easy to use handle which you twist either left or right for hot and cold. 

Not sure about where to start with buying taps? Read our Buyers Guide on How to Buy Kitchen Taps 

Ventilation is important in a bathroom. There are different types of extractor fans to consider:

Axial - This is where the extracted air is pulled through an impeller, installed in a window and are perfect for smaller rooms. 

Centrifugal - Ideal for bigger bathrooms and are more powerful than axial fans. 

Inline - These are often installed in the loft or ceiling void. They are ideal for longer distances and where there is no direct access to an outside wall. Being installed outside the bathroom means they aren’t as loud. 


Types of Baths:

Freestanding Bath - This type of bath can be placed anywhere. However, you would have to clear with a professional to ensure the desired location is accessible. 

Shower Bath - These are functional as they are shaped like a normal bath but have extra room one end (normally where the taps and shower are placed) for showering. They usually come with a shower screen or one can be purchased to fit. 

Straight Bath - These can be combined with shower baths to gain the shower ability. Straight baths are ideal if your budget is smaller.

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Where's the best place to get bathroom design inspiration?


If you struggle with finding your creative flair when it comes to finding bathroom designs, there are plenty of websites and magazines which will help to give you the creative boost you need. If you prefer flicking through beautiful, glossy magazines then why not try looking out for magazines such as Ideal Home, Style at Home, Converted and Home & Gardens. They are brilliant insights into showing different bathrooms formatted through various styles to really get inspired to design your bathroom. 

If you prefer looking online, why not try looking at Interior Designer Blogs. They are a great way of seeing what’s in trend and are a good source of tips and advice from experienced professionals.

Websites such as Pinterest are also great ways of finding ideas and inspiration from others. Here at Gardiner Haskins we currently have our own Pinterest account which we have segmented into different boards, making it easier to find specific inspiration targeted towards selected house rooms and other interior design topics. Social media is another brilliant way of seeking interior inspiration, try apps such as Instagram and search in the ‘tags’ section and it’ll appear with photos to do with your chosen title. 

We also have a page of kitchen and bathroom case studies dedicated to examples of customer homes that we have renovated to help inspire you as to how you’d like to transform your home.


How to tell if you need to renovate your bathroom

Are you struggling to tell if you need to renovate your bathroom? Are you trying to find ways of being able to push your bathroom to remodel back another year? Whether you’re considering only transforming a section of the bathroom or are in desperate need of an update, don’t worry, we have tips and signs on how you can tell if you need to renovate your bathroom. 

Cramped Layout - Do you find yourself having to stumble over the toilet to get to the sink or having to squeeze yourself through to get to the shower? Most houses have relatively minimal bathroom space so often it’s up to you to organise your bathroom according to your needs.  If you find yourself struggling with the layout of your bathroom, it can be a sign that it’s time for some reconstructing. A bathroom can be laid out completely differently to help optimize bathroom space, giving you more room to move around and rearrange fittings. 

Top Tip - You may need to consider the structure of your bathroom when considering a full renovation.

Humidity, Leaks and Smells -  If you have discovered that you have a leak in your bathroom or have noticed there’s a constant bad smell floating around - it’s time for a bathroom renovation. If you don’t want to fully renovate the whole room, maybe consider smaller alternatives such as a fresh coat of paint once the leak has been repaired. Fixtures and fittings with traces of mould and limescale will need to be replaced not salvaged. These replacements don’t have to be drastic, they can be as small as ensuring you have proper ventilation in your bathroom to avoid foul odours building up.

Poor Lighting - Is your lighting so bright it blinds you or so dark you can barely see your face? Then it may be time to transform your bathroom. Having decent lighting is crucial to help reinvent the entire ambience of the room. Improving lighting can make a huge difference and will give the bathroom a different perspective. 

For any more information read our Buyers Guide on How to Buy Bathroom Lights 

No Storage -  If you feel that you lack space to store your bathroom essentials and find your sink is rammed with bathroom products which have no home, then it’s a sign for a bathroom makeover. Renovating your bathroom can be the key to reorganizing fittings to help create space for storage. Once larger compartments such as toilets and baths are fitted, you will have a clearer indication of what new room you have. When everything is in place, you will find it much easier to navigate yourself around the room.   

Doesn’t Meet Accessibility Needs - If you or someone in your house is struggling with accessibility problems whether that be having problems getting into the bath/shower, reaching the basin or even getting themselves into the room, it may be a sign to think about remodelling the bathroom.     

For idea’s regarding designing a disabled bathroom and VR read our blog here


Where do I start with renovating my bathroom?

Stuck with where to start? Start the planning process with us here at Gardiner Haskins. Give our Bristol showrooms a visit to gain ideas to which types of fittings you’d like. Additionally, why not book a free consultation to chat with a member of staff to help start the transformational journey? We also have experts in our showrooms in Cirencester which will be able to give advice and recommendations. 


Will renovating my bathroom add value to my home?

When it comes to buying property, the number of bathrooms can sometimes be a dealbreaker. Buyers will normally have a set minimum on the number of desired bathrooms they would like. However, does a renovated bathroom help to increase a home’s value? 

It depends. If you are budget-conscious and come across a house which has a bathroom in need of being renovated, you may try to barter the overall price down although this isn’t always successful and you must not rely on this technique. On the other hand, you may view a property and think it doesn’t need renovating, therefore, have the mindset that you have saved a considerable amount of money. 

Renovated bathrooms won’t necessarily increase sale price but will help to increase the ROI. Additionally, a newly fitted bathroom can help to shift the selected property off the market but this doesn’t mean however much you spend on the bathroom will be added to the overall property selling price. This is important to remember when setting your bathroom budget.   


Top mistakes to avoid when renovating your Bathroom

Something which is dreaded by all homeowners is the chances of spending large amounts of money and time on your dream bathroom for it to not live up to its promises only months down the line. To avoid this happening read our top bathroom mistakes to avoid:

Overspending -  What starts as just a new bath and sink may turn into a pothole for your money. It's very easy to overspend and often get carried away with purchasing, therefore it’s important to create a budget for the bathroom at the start so it gives you something to check your spending against. 

Poor Ventilation - One of the worst bathroom horrors is finding spots of mould appear on your newly laid tiles, walls and ceiling. Growth in the mould is normally caused by poor ventilation. Even if you can open your bathroom window, you will still need an extractor fan to extract steam. 

No Storage - Every room needs storage, it’s essential. In regards to your bathroom, you will need room for towels, medicines, hair products and more. If you are tight for space, then smart storage is available for you to ensure you’re able to find a home for everything. Heated towel rails are brilliant as they have a high capacity to hold several towels and keep them warm. Additionally, mirrored cabinets are great to store smaller items such as toothbrushes and they are available with extra features such as LED strip lighting. 

Getting The Measurements Wrong - There is no worse feeling than installing fittings which turn out not to correctly fit as you haven’t double-checked your measurements. Ensure you take the measurements twice and if possible get someone else to take the measurements so your numbers are as accurate as they can be. Our bathroom designs have lots of experience and knowledge and will be able to help show you ways of planning your new bathroom.


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