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Your Bathroom Installation Checklist

Your Bathroom Installation Checklist image Your Bathroom Installation Checklist image
February 15th, 2022

Planning your brand-new bathroom? Before you start, our Bathroom Design Experts give us their list of important questions to answer.

Designing your bathroom is a mammoth task, with lots of considerations needed. The size, shape and structure of the room itself and other elements will greatly influence your bathroom design – so take a look at our checklist to find out what you, your bathroom designer and your bathroom installer will need to know to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.


Bathroom Renovation Budget 
The amount you are looking to spend on your new bathroom will be a big influence on the result. Ensure your designer knows of your estimated budget before starting your design as they can take this in to account from the beginning. There may be unexpected costs along the way you hadn't considered so try to keep a rough estimate with some room for last minute costs. 


Discuss with your designer and installer the time frame for designing, delivering and installing your new bathroom so that you can come up with an estimated timeline. It is important to be realistic about the timeframe and how long the distruption will be, but it will be worth it when you're relaxing in your new bathroom.


Room Dimensions 
You will need exact measurements of your room to make sure everything fits perfectly. Measure twice to ensure they are correct. Your bathroom installer will need to know the size of the room as well as the position of any doors or windows. Getting these measurements right will help avoid problems later. 


Ceiling Height
The height and shape of your ceilings will affect what shower enclosure you have available. Sloping or vaulted ceilings can mean awkward angles for fitting standard designs. If your shower has to be positioned somewhere with a sloping or uneven ceiling, there is the option for bespoke glass cut to fit. Your designer can work around this, as long as they know about it during the design process.


Window Position
The position of your windows is important to your bathroom design as shower enclosures and shower baths need to be positioned away from windows. Windows are not generally designed to resist high humidity or moisture so this is important when planning your bathroom layout. The direction of the light coming in will also make a difference to where your mirrors and furniture would be best placed.


The wall structure of your bathroom – whether solid or partition, will influence design choices such as whether you are able include wall hung basins, toilets and wall mounted brassware as well as whether you will be able to tile the walls. Many older houses will have ‘out of square’ bathroom shapes. These can be worked around with shower enclosures with minimal frames and adjustments.


Water Pressure
The kind of water system you have will influence the water pressure available in your bathroom. This will then affect which type of shower or bath you need and may mean you need extra elements such as an upgraded boiler, electric shower or pump.


If you were considering electric or dual fuel radiators factor in installation cost  and whether electrics be installed for the type of system you have or not. You will also need to consider where the flow and return pipes are coming from as this will dictate whether you will need straight or angled radiator valves.


Need more advice and expertise on your bathroom designs? Visit our Bristol bathroom showroom where our experts can help you create your new bespoke bathroom with our Planning & Design Service.


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