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How to Fit a Bath Tap

author image Kayla Wilson
How to Fit a Bath Tap image How to Fit a Bath Tap image
April 16th, 2019

If you're planning your new bathroom and need to save a bit of money then fitting your own bath taps will certainly help. However, we always recommend using a professional bathroom fitters for the plumbing work. We've put together this guide on how to fit a bath tap. 

You can read more about the different types of bath taps here.

Fitting a Bath Tap

First thing to do is open up the packaging immediately after delivery and check the bath tap(s) over for any faults or damage. If you notice then anything then please report it to us immediately and do not fit the bath taps until you have spoken to our bathroom team. 

You will need...

  • Spanner set
  • Tape measure
  • Tap spanner

Your tap box should include your washers and nuts for the tap. 

Estimate time to complete: 30 minutes

How to fit bath taps

  1. Use masking tape to lay a strip along he tap of the bath where your taps will be situated.
  2. Use your tape measure to mark the centre of the overflow as your bath tap will sit above this if you have a single mixer tap. If you have separte hot and cold then you will place these either side of the overflow. Use pencil to mark this on the masking tape.
  3. Use a hole saw drill bit to drill your tap hole in the position your marked central in the width of the bath panel.
  4. Remove the tape.
  5. Fit the taps into their holes - instructions will be provided with your specific tap set on how to do this. The hot tap normally goes on the left hand side (as you look at it).
  6. Add the washers and nuts to the underside of the tap (underneath the bath panel. Fix into place using your spanner. 
  7. Once your bath is fixed into position, use flexi pipe to connect the taps to their correwsponding outlets. This is the part where you should use a professional plumber of bathroom fitter.



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