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If you have finally managed to choose the perfect paint colour or wallpaper for your room you will need some decorating accessories to make sure you achieve the finish you desire. 

Everything you need is available from our Cirencester Decorating Department and our expert staff are on hand to make sure you have everything you need to complete the job including:

  • Paint Brushes
  • Rollers & Paint Pads
  • Wall Preparation such as polyfiller, sandpaper, sugar soap and white spirit.
  • Decorating Protective Equipment such as carpet protection, decorating masks and masking tape.
  • Wallpaper Hanging Accessories such as tables, pasting brushes and smoothing tools.

Decorating Accessories



Our Decorating Accessories

Once you’ve got your ideal paint you will need the right accessories to apply it for a flawless finish. Our range of painting accessories includes everything you could need for perfect painting. Some of the equipment you may need include:


Paint Brushes: 

Ideal for smaller surface area’s such as skirting boards, edging, frames and panels as well as cutting into small corners and adding finishing touches to hard to reach places. Our range of paint brushes come in a variety of sizes and bristle types for different jobs and paints.

Top Tip: Keep your brushes fresher for longer make sure to wash them after use and store them correctly. White spirit is great for this.

Paint Rollers & Paint Pads: 

For a more convenient, speedy way to cover a large surface area, rollers come in a variety of sizes and materials to help create smoother or more textured finish. Use with a paint roller tray to ensure even distribution. 

Wall Preparation:

Preparing your walls before painting or wallpapering will give you a nice smooth surface to work on. We recommend using polyfiller on any holes and sandpaper on any uneven bits of wall. We also recommend giving your walls a really good clean before hand to get rid of anything that may affect the paint or wallpaper, you can use sugar soap for this. 

Decorating Protective Equipment:

Protecting yourself and the rest of your home is important when decorating. We have a variety of personal protective equipment including masks, suits and and gloves to protect your lungs and your clothes. Protecting your home can be achieved using items such as carpet protection covers, dust sheets and masking tape for skirting boards.

Wallpaper Hanging Equipment:

On our Wallpaper department we have all the equipment you need to successfully hang your wallpaper. This includes adhesive, wallpaper tables, pasting brushes and smoothing tools. 


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