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In our Decorating Department we have a wide range of Interior Paint available both off the shelves and from our in store paint mixing machines

Some of the brands we stock include:

Find out more below about the range of emulsion paints, spray paints, furniture paints and more we stock below.


Our Interior Paint

Emulsion Paint:

We stock a wide range of emulsion paint suitable for walls and ceilings. 1000's of colours are available along with standard pure brilliant white. 

  • Matt Emulsion: Gives a matt, non-shiny finish that is good for concealing small imperfections on a wall or ceiling as opposed to more shiny finishes which reflect light and highlight imperfections. Matt emulsion however, is not as well wearing as glossier versions.

  • Soft Sheen Emulsion: Gives a subtle, soft sheen finish and creates a more durable surface than vinyl matt. It is suitable for areas that may need to be occasionally lightly washed or sponged so is more suited to lower traffic rooms.

  • Silk Emulsion: Gives a high sheen finish and is the most durable and easy cleaning type of all emulsion paint. However, it will more easily reveal imperfections in the surface area.

  • Chalk Emulsion: Gives a completely flat chalky finish to walls or ceilings.

  • Kitchen Emulsion: Available in matt or soft sheen finishes, these paints are extremely durable and are designed for grease areas.

  • Bathroom Emulsion: Similar to Kitchen paint but designed for high moisture areas.

Wood & Metal Paints:

We have a wide range of paints suitable for interior wood and metal. Various colours are available including pure brilliant white. All colours are available in different finishes as listed below. 

  • Gloss: Whilst needing an undercoat, Liquid Gloss gives a more traditional high gloss finish whilst being extremely hard wearing and dirt resistant.
  • Satinwood: A durable, mid -sheen paint that provides a subtler sheen than conventional shiny gloss paint yet not quite as hard wearing.
  • Eggshell: Used on interior wood, Eggshell paint gives a flat, yet not completely matt finish.

Chalky Furniture Paint

Chalky Furniture paint is ideal for painting interior furniture. It requires minimal preperation work so is ideal for upcycling old or second hand furniture. 

Spray Paints

We have a wide range of spray paints in store for use on both interior and exterior of your home. They can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including wood, metal, ceramics and other surfaces when used with a primer. We even stock specialist spray paints from Craig & Rose that can give you effects such as marble, stone or frosted glass effect. 

Primers & Sealants

Primers and sealers are used before paint is applied to give the best surface for the paint to adhere to. We sell specialist sealers for problems such as damp to try and stop the damp from re-occuring after painting. 


Our website is designed as a digital shop window. This gives you a snapshot of what we stock in store but is not designed to replace the in-store experience. If you would like to check information on our website or stock levels of a certain product you can fill in an enquiry form or call the Cirencester Store on 01285 626442

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