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We love Colourtrend paint which is why we offer Colourtrend paint mixing in our Bristol showrooms. Here's just a few things which make Colourtrend so good: 

  • It's wipable and scrubbable  
  • Fewer coats are required
  • Whereas most paints are vinyl based, Colourtrend is acrylic based which is much tougher and long lasting

We have tester pots and A5 colour panels available to buy in store. All of the finishes are available in 1 litre and 3 litre, matt and softsheen are also available in 5 litre pots. 

Contemporary and Historic Collection - 

Colourtrend paint comes in two collections which a huge range of colour choices so you can find the perfect colour for your home. They also come in a variety of finishes to suit your use. There's gloss, satinwood and egg shell for trims such as wood, and matt and softsheen for your walls. 



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