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Beautifully bespoke worktops to suit your tastes 

Whatever your preferences, we have the perfect worktop for you. We can offer you different materials and brands of worktops. Tell us what your vision is and we will tailor your request and provide you with your dream surface.


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Kitchen Worktops & Surfaces

Laminate Worktop


Laminate is practical, attractive and bespoke to your needs. It comes in a vast variety of styles and finishes. Laminate is durable, water-resistant and makes the perfect alternative to granite, stone or other solid materials.

Acrylic Worktop


Acrylic has a contemporary, modern silk feel and comes in numerous colours, textures, pattern and styles. It can be cut into any shape or length so there are no joins; it’s seamless. Acrylic can come in any colour, pattern or effect you could dream of – able to mimic the look of natural stone, so it can look both modern or traditional. This worktop is super-durable and can last between 10-20 years. It’s resistant to heat, scratches and cuts, chemical spill and is non-porous. There is little or no maintenance required with an acrylic worktop. Additionally, it makes the kitchen quiet.

Granite Worktop


Granite/ quartz has the ultimate natural magnificence. It is a resilient and is resistant to scratches and temperature. There is a massive range of colours and each piece is unique and different. Because it cannot be joined easily, your fitted kitchen needs to be planned around the stone.

Wood Worktop

Solid Wood 

Choose a solid wood worktop for its beauty and hue. We supply worktops in oak, bamboo and walnut. They are completely bespoke and tailored to your needs. Solid wood worktops are a timeless investment in both quality and natural beauty. We supply an extensive choice of colours, species, sizes and thickness. 

Our Worktop Ranges

For inspiration, have a browse through some of the ranges we supply, to help you decide on your dream worktop.

For laminate…

  • Formica Axiom – Axiom have a huge range of laminate worktops. Their choice of design and finesse are exceptional. They have stone, wood, patterned and coloured looks for beauty and functionality. To see the range download the brochure.

  • Bushboard Options – Bushboard options are a range of classically designed laminate worktops. Bushboard has shown that a dramatic combination of colours and patterns can deliver a worksurface full of character. Choose from stone, granite, marble or wood looks that truly echo nature. Truly top-end as well as affordable. Browse Bushboard Options here.

  • Bushboard Omega – With Omega you have a wealth of design choice including granite stones, wood and quartz looks. Omega is at the forefront of technology to offer you a sensational product. The unique Q3 profile results in a crisper, squarer edge giving it the craftsmanship look of dressed wood or stone. The latest printing techniques allow the printing of the surfaces, combined with texture to give you a realistic, laminate surface. Browse here.

  • Formica Prima – Prima offer 52 designs and 9 textures with modern, sleek cut edges. Get the look of natural beauty without the extra cost. The unique, true scale printing mirrors the natural beauty of granite, stone and marble. Browse further and see the brochure.

  • Egger – Egger believe that, due to the increase in demand for open-plan kitchens and islands, the worktop has arrived at centre stage. They believe the worktop is just as important as any other part of the kitchen. Egger provides the latest designs in woodgrain, ceramic and stone finishes. Durable and indistinguishable from the real material.

  • Duropal – World leader in manufacturing decorative, high-pressured laminate worktops since 1958. Duropal has created stunning worktops to look like wood, stone and ceramic. Continue browsing in the Duropal brochure.

For acrylic…

  • Maia – Get the appearance of stone without the cost or maintenance. Maia uses the finest materials and the best of technology to create acrylic resin, two third aluminium hydroxide and colour pigments to create the finest, award-winning worktops. Continue browsing and download the brochure.

  • Minerva – Seamless joins and silky-smooth finishes, Minerva worktops are luxurious and available in a range of colours suitable for every home. Simply functional and beautiful. Download the brochure.

  • Corian – Corian creates worktops that flow. You get the ultimate freedom of expression and enduring beauty. Because the whole piece is a single solid surface, there is no room for bacteria and they are easy to clean. Download the brochure.

For Solid Wood…

  • Tuscan – For real wood surfaces where you can have nature at your finger-tips, choose Tuscan Solid Wood worktops. They are an investment of timeless beauty with an extensive choice of colours, species, thicknesses and sizes. Tuscan uses bamboo, brown ash, beech, european oak, iroko and walnut woods to create the perfect wooden worktop. Browse the brochure here.

For Quartz and Granite…

  • Silestone – The ideal option for worktops made from traditional materials such as granite or stone. Silestone worktops are extremely durable with endless colours and options to choose from. Look at the range here.

  • Ceaserstone – They manufacture premium quartz surfaces. Quartz is beautiful and is one of nature’s hardest surfaces. Quartz is durable, scratch and stain resistant, easy maintenance, easy to install and you have a wealth of choice in design and colour. See more in the brochure.

  • Unistone – Durable, anti-bacterial and scratch-resistance quartz worktops. Gorgeous, high-quality quartz in calm, neutral colours and patterns. Browse the brochure.

For Porcelain…

  • Dekton – Dekton is an ultra-compact surface that consists of a sophisticated blend of raw materials to create the latest glass, porcelain and Quarts worktops. They are extremely durable and resistant to scratches and bacteria. A timeless investment, there is the appeal of a completely uniform surface which fits seamlessly into the kitchen. Ultra-sophisticated, nice to touch and resistant to the daily grind. Turn your kitchen into a showpiece. Have a look at the gallery here.

If you are interested in any of our ranges please contact us or come and visit our showroom.

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